After seven seasons, weekly comedy talk show Full Frontal with Samantha Bee has been cancelled by the Warner Bros Discovery-owned TBS.

As a show, Full Frontal was always pushing uphill. It had a target on its back as the only US late night talk show with a female host for much of its run, but layer that with the progressive politics of the show and the general tone of the show, which I would define as "aggrieved," and you have a show that was always the focus of attacks from online message board commentators. Just look at the comments on the Deadline article about its cancellation. Oh, the glee being demonstrated...

The cancellation is not necessarily an indication of a problem with the show or audience interest - it follows a sweep out of original series at TBS as the new Warner Bros Discovery management embark on cost-cutting measures.

‘Full Frontal With Samantha Bee’ Axed At TBS After Seven Seasons
Full Frontal with Samantha Bee is over at TBS. The cable network has canceled the weekly late-night series after seven seasons. It is the latest major cancellation at the Warner Bros. Discovery net…

Oh boy

While news of a new Quantum Leap series is good, a new Quantum Leap series made in this era of the almost-always-awful US broadcast network drama makes one concerned. Are those concerns founded? Well, consider today's news...

NBC has announced that Quantum Leap reboot creators and showrunners Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt are off the show (but will still get Exec Producer credits) and in as showrunner is former Blindspot chief Martin Gero. He had been working on Quantum Leap as an Executive Producer already.

NBC apparently weren't happy with the pilot, so will re-shoot a new first episode with the pilot airing as a possible episode 3.


‘Quantum Leap’: Martin Gero Steps In As Showunner, Dean Georgaris Joins As EP, Pilot Writers To Stay On
EXCLUSIVE: There is behind-the-scenes shakeup on NBC’s new drama series Quantum Leap starring Raymond Lee. Martin Gero, who has served as EP on the project since the development stage, has st…

Enter the dragon

Want to explore the world of House of The Dragon by reaching out and realising you're actually looking at your phone? That's right, the augmented reality promotional app experience is just a download away. DracARys is available for download in the Apple and Google Play app stores.

A new-look for Google Play

Google Play has updated its logo for its 10th anniversary. And, to be completely honest, if the old and new logos were placed side-by-side, I would know which was the older logo. But I would never feel 100% certain that I would know which is which.

Google Play gets a new logo for its 10-year anniversary
A new logo to match Chrome and other services.
  • Sony has beefed up security on the set of Justified: City Primeval following last week's on-set shooting with a team of security that includes former Navy SEALs. Read: Deadline
  • RIP Time After Time star David Warner. He had an extensive career filled with many great movie and TV roles. But Time After Time is the film I loved the most. Read: CNN
  • Netfix's head of adult animation, the excellently named Mike Moon, is leaving the streamer. Read: Deadline
  • Scott Feinberg asks a not-unreasonable question: Why are broadcast networks continuing to screen the Emmys since they are a constant reminder of how better TV is elsewhere? Read: THR
  • Disney, the home of branded kids content, is in talks with the BBC about becoming the international broadcast home of Doctor Who. Discussions are still early, so no word on whether this will actually come to fruition or how that might impact existing arrangements, such as the ABC screening it in Australia. Read: Bloomberg
  • France’s National Assembly voted on Saturday to approve a government bill that scraps a TV license fee financing nearly 85% of the annual budgets of French public broadcasters. Read: Variety
  • RIP Paul Sorvino, the Goodfellas and Law & Order actor died at age 83. Read: Variety

Darlings debuts on Netflix August 5.

Netflix has a preview of the first 4 minutes of the sequel to its lamely-erotic drama The Next 365 Days. It debuts 19 August.

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