YouTube is flipping the switch on supporting podcasts and is set to completely change user engagement with what was previously an audio-dominant medium.

Many of you will be well aware that a lot of talk-orientated podcasts already provide video versions of podcasts via YouTube. It isn't really something that the podcasting industry actively pushes or discusses, but availability on YouTube has the ability to drive huge listenership. The biggest voice in podcasting, Joe Rogan, wouldn't be where he is today without his previous availability on YouTube.

A study by Cumulus in May found that YouTube is already outperforming Apple Podcasts and Spotify, thanks to the rise of video podcasts and ease of use, so maybe it is smarter to stick to the format audiences already know.

At launch it is US-only, but very soon will be available globally (obviously, it will also be available via a tab in the YouTube app).

Neither Apple Podcasts or Spotify have quite nailed the podcast experience for users. It felt like Spotify got close, but recent UI changes are just making the experience more and more clumsy. It opens the door nicely for YouTube to come in and dominate the space.

The ramifications of podcasting being supported now by YouTube is that the natural format for YouTube is quite obviously video. You will see more and more talk-based shows releasing video versions. That will have flow-on effects to narrative documentary podcasts and other podcast formats.

Immediately, this sounds like podcasting as a medium is on the precipice of reinvention, but those flow-on effects will be felt very much by streaming and broadcast TV platforms. Video podcasts are opening the door to a tsunami of high quality, niche audience engaging content.

All on the one platform: YouTube

If it didn't feel like the expected lifespan of TV talk shows, all of those talking-head news programs, and sports commentary programs was already limited, they're certainly looking a whole lot less vital today.

YouTube launches a dedicated page for podcasts
YouTube is already the most-used podcast platform.

Running Up That Hill

Anytime I go to the shops lately I hear Running Up That Hill playing in the background within a few minutes of stepping foot inside. It must be on high rotation. The re-emergence of that song is unquestionably the result of it being featured so prominently in Stranger Things this year.

Tim Miles from WarnerMusic Group is interviewed by THR about the lengthy negotiations over the use of the song as part of a deeper feature about the increase of interest in using music in streaming shows.

TV has a very long timeline. And because the music was so crucial to this scene, they had to know whether the song could be used. And it took about two years to really talk through with Kate and her team what this was going to be. This is probably the longest TV negotiation I have ever seen, because they had to get it right. The song is obviously so powerful. They must have had some backups, but I’m sure this was their absolute favorite.”
“The Longest TV Negotiation I Have Ever Seen”: Behind Kate Bush’s ‘Stranger Things’ Sync Deal
Warner Music Group executives break down how “Running Up That Hill” was added to the Netflix hit and elaborate on how digital platforms have opened up new opportunities for artists.

Let's talk House of The Dragon

  • According to Samba TV, the debut of House of The Dragon more than doubled the viewership for the season return of Stranger Things. Read: Deadline
  • Want a good visual representation of just how many people were watching House of The Dragon? This is also a good reminder of how impressive it is that streaming platforms can handle load (though the sync of these viewers does indicate cable viewership).
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  • I'm not sure why The Guardian has this feature filled with interviews of the cast of the Fame TV show from the 80s, but it exists. Read: The Guardian
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Lou is not the Lou Grant remake I was hoping for, instead it is a Netflix movie starring Allison Janney and Jurnee Smollett.

A gruff loner living a quiet life with her dog battles the elements and her own dark past when a neighbor's little girl is kidnapped during a storm.

Documentary The Anthrax Attacks debuts on Netflix Sept 8.

The Circus returns to Showtime Sept 25.

Devil In Ohio debuts sept 2 on Netflix.

Determined to protect a young patient who escaped a mysterious cult, a psychiatrist takes the girl in, putting her own family - and life - in danger.

Here's an HBO Max sizzle reel featuring a whole bunch of highly anticipated shows.