The final season of Broad City debuts on Jan 24. New York Times has a really good interview with the shows stars/creators Abbi and Ilana.

A trip north to visit my family and pals at Christmas meant leaving behind Red Dead Redemption 2 for the past 3 weeks and my lousy 41% of progress on the game. Today was set to be the day that I again picked up my controller.

Coincidentally, I also found out about this taking place in the game:

In a small cabin northwest of Saint Denis, a hillbilly waits in a shack. “Hello there, mister,” he calls to your protagonist, Arthur Morgan. “I got food inside, come along.” If the player enters his cabin they are promptly knocked unconscious, unable to do anything for the next minute. Over a black screen they hear the sounds of a belt unbuckling. “You struggled and you lost,” the hillbilly says, calling you his “pet”. After being dumped in a clearing, a bow-legged Arthur will mutter the words, “Oh, my Lord.”

“I felt like shit,” says Jonas, a 20-year-old gamer from Bahrain. “It did feel weird. As a gamer, you get attached to your character and it kinda feels like you’re Arthur… I wanted to find that monster and end him.”

Amelia Tait at GQ explores gamer reactions to Red Dead Redemption 2’s rape scene.

Yesterday the news broke that comedian Bob Einstein had died. This is a compilation of every appearance he made on The Late Show w/ David Letterman as his character, fake stunt man Super Dave Osborne:

Lauren Hough is a 6-foot lesbian who used to work as a cable installer. Regularly, she would be confused for a man. But that was the least of the problems she faced at work. She’s written this very entertaining piece about her experiences for HuffPo.

Netflix’s Bird Box is a bona fide cultural sensation. Which means idiots have now started doing the Bird Box challenge. Most people don’t have rapids to navigate blindfolded close enough to their home, so they have set up other challenges for themselves, prompting Netflix to warn people to be careful out there.

Billy Connolly has reported that he feels he is at the end of his life:

“My life is slipping away and I can feel it, and I should, I’m 75. I’m near the end but it doesn’t frighten me. It’s an adventure, and it’s quite interesting to see myself slipping away. Bits slip off and leave me.

Somehow this TV mini-series had completely escaped my attention - it is very much aligned with my interests. National Geographic’s Valley Of The Boom debuts Sunday 13 January. The 6-part mini-series tells the story of Internet Browser Netscape and looks like wild fun.

Batwoman is going to pilot with Ruby Rose starring. David Nutter will direct.

Killing Eve is back - April 7.

The Punisher returns January 18 for its second (and probably final) season on Netflix.

That’s it for today!