After cancelling Westworld, HBO Max took things one step further: it removed the entire series from the streaming platform.

But that's not the end of their crimes. The streamer has also pulled the largely already-forgotten Joss Whedon series The Nevers from the platform and the anthology romcom Love Life. Pulling both of these titles is essentially a cancellation of both series.

While it is unlikely that the removal of any of these shows is set to ruin anyone's weekend, it is frustrating when shows vanish from services with little warning. Plus, there's the idea that one man's trash is another's treasure. I say this as someone who did watch 3-4 episodes of forgotten 90s Tony Danza sitcom Hudson Street on Sunday afternoon.

(I will not be defending my actions, nor am I taking questions on that life decision at this time. Please respect my wishes).

‘Westworld’ Isn’t Just Canceled, It’s Being Pulled from HBO Max — and There’s More
“Love Life” and “The Nevers” are canceled, and “Gordita Chronicles” is also getting taken off the service.

That Peep Show remake

Stefani Robinson is a US writer who had worked on FX series Atlanta. She's been given the green light on a new FX pilot, a remake of the great UK comedy Peep Show.

The remake will gender-flip the show with two female leads. And here's the logline:

"[Peep Show] follows the relationship between a long-suffering assistant and her boss, an emotionally unstable tech entrepreneur”.

So, in other words it will retain the same name and maybe filming style, but other than that it will be an entirely different show? Cynically, I'd ask what the point is of retaining the name, but at least this is a better outcome than just gender-flipping the series where the masculinity (and often lack thereof) of the two aimless leads was very much the point of the original show.

This is the most recent of multiple efforts to remake the original series (which, real talk, doesn't make a lot of sense to remake).

‘Peep Show’ Update From ‘Atlanta’ Grad With ‘Succession’ Creator Attached a Go at FX
The Disney-backed cable network is teaming with writer Stefani Robinson to update the cult favorite U.K. series from Jesse Armstrong.

Learn the way of water

Tonight I will be returning to the world of Pandora (where I currently hold dual citizenship). Apparently, I won't be alone. Avatar: The Way of Water will be the largest roll-out of a Disney film to date, playing on over 52 thousand screens globally. Estimates have the film making $525 million over the opening weekend. Apparently Disney have a major hold on the biggest auditoriums over the next five weeks, so if the film holds audience interest, there's the potential for it to dominate the box office until February where the next big release film comes out - the new Marvel Ant-Man picture.

‘Avatar: The Way Of Water’ Looks To Dive In With Half-Billion-Plus Global Opening Weekend – Box Office Preview
And so it begins. Thirteen years after Avatar arrived in movie theaters, conquered and continued to conquer the global box office as the highest-grossing release of all time with $2.9 billion world…

The Ringer has a pretty good oral history about the films of Avatar writer/director James Cameron.

“It’s Going to Be Epic”: The Oral History of James Cameron
From his early days as a special effects assistant to revolutionizing 3D filmmaking (again) with ‘Avatar: The Way of Water,’ one thing has always been clear: working with James Cameron is a singular experience

Something James Cameron won't be doing: attending the premiere of his movie. Cameron has the COVID.

James Cameron Not Attending ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ Hollywood Premiere After Testing Positive for COVID-19
The filmmaker revealed the news during a Zoom appearance at the opening ceremony of his multimedia exhibit in Los Angeles.

Maybe Cameron can occupy himself by doing donuts in the carpark at his production company Lightstorm in this new Avatar concept car from Mercedes Benz. Read: The Verge

And if you are lucky enough to see Avatar: The Way of Water at an IMAX theatre, you may get to see an exclusive preview for the upcoming Mission: Impossible film. Read: Dark Horizons

  • The Detectorists returns to TV after a 5 year break on Boxing Day in the UK. Here's series stars Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones in an extended interview talking about the reunion. Read: Radio Times
  • Ramin Bahrani will write and direct a new TV adaptation of Grapes of Wrath for an unknown network/streamer. Read: Deadline
  • Blue Origin Space Rangers is a kids TV show that will feature the voice of Jeff Bezos. Read: Tech Crunch
  • Eugene Levy will host travelogue show The Reluctant Traveler for Apple TV+. Read: thefutoncritic
  • RIP Twin Peaks composer Angelo Badalamenti. Read: Variety
  • Stuart Margolin, best remembered for The Rockford Files, has died aged 82. Read: THR
  • Luke Kirby, Ashley Madekwe and Gustaf Hammarsten will join the season 2 cast of Dr Death. Read: thefutoncritic
  • How big a hit is The White Lotus in its second season? Ratings for the second season finale doubled that of the first season finale. Read: THR
  • Quantum Leap has been renewed for a second season. Oh boy. Read: TV Insider
  • Dangerous Liaisons has been cancelled by Starz despite an initial season 2 renewal. Read: Deadline
  • Step Up: High Water has been cancelled after three seasons by Starz. Read: Deadline
  • Doctor Who: Lost in Time is a new mobile game debuting in Jan 2023. Kids, please remember to ask your parents before just using their phones. Read: Cult Box

Kaleidoscope, the heist series on Netflix that can be watched with episodes in any order, debuts Jan 1.

Your Honor returns to Showtime Jan 13 for a second season.

Ginny & Georgia returns to Netflix Jan 5 for a second season.

That's it for today. More newsletter tomorrow. Quietly, I may have some Avatar thoughts to share.