First they came for a Batgirl movie. And I said nothing. And then they came for a bunch of animated shows that I had either never heard or, or really just couldn't care about. And I said nothing. But now that HBO Max has reversed its renewal of one of the best shows of 2022: Well, dammit... these guys can go jump in a lake.

Minx, a very funny comedy about a passionate woman in the 1970s who launches a stridently feminist magazine in conjunction with a Los Angeles skin mag producer (yes, this pro-women mag is filled with nude pictorials of men), was nearing the end of filming its second season when HBO Max reversed their order for a second season.

Baffling decision - this show will be making it onto quite a few best-of lists this year, which likely would have sparked renewed viewership for the show.

Here's the trailer, if this one got past you:

Producer Lionsgate will shop the show around. I suspect they will find the market highly receptive to picking up this well-received show.

‘Minx’ Canceled as HBO Max Undoes Season 2 Renewal
Producer Lionsgate will seek a new home for the nearly finished second season.
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Alpha Males debuts Dec 30 on Netflix.

The Drop is a Hulu original film debuting Jan 13.

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