Have you noticed a lot of well-known TV stars appearing on podcasts you listen to lately? This week I’ve noticed Julia Louis-Dreyfus doing the rounds (just this morning I noticed she’s on the latest Variety and Bill Simmons podcasts). I’m sure it is a complete coincidence that voting in the Emmy Awards closes on 29 August.

The Big Brother Australia house and ampitheatre has been completely demolished. The site attracted attention in recent months due to vandalism and arson. A recent fire destroyed most of it. But, the greatest danger to it has been realised with the need to expand theme park Dreamworld.

Source: TV Tonight

The US Netflix DVD business continues on.

FYI, The 5 billionth DVD shipped by Netflix was for the movie Rocketman.

September 25. That is when you’ll be able to play the new Mario Kart World Tour game on iOS and mobile.

Leslie Jones will not be back for the new season of Saturday Night Live. Kate McKinnon will be, however.

Source: Vulture

The final season of Mr Robot starts airing Oct 6. This means that if you’re planning on rewatching the show in the lead-up to the new season, you’re advised to start now.

Titans season 2 returns on DC Universe on Sept 6. I don’t have a date for its Netflix return for territories outside the US.

And finally…

Netflix’s film The Irishman will get a cinema release in the US and UK. It will open 27 days ahead of its debut on the streaming platform on November 27. Where it won’t play in cinemas is in the big chains, which rejected the film on the basis that the 4-week window wasn’t long enough between release and home video markets. Unknown is whether it will be screening in cinemas outside of the US/UK. (It probably will).

I’m reminded that I still haven’t seen Roma.

Source: Deadline

The Irishman