A few months after reports emerged of a toxic workplace environment behind the scenes of daytime show Dr Phil, 25 production staffers have been let go by the show.

I really love this quote from a production spokesperson:

“Going into season 21, we streamlined production to ensure longevity. As is typical of this process there were some roles we discovered that we could reduce yet still deliver our dynamic, forward-thinking program.”

Dr Phil is absolutely the show we all think of when we think dynamism and forward-thinking on daytime TV.

‘Dr. Phil’ Lays Off 25 Staffers as Daytime Talk Show Returns for Season 21 (EXCLUSIVE)
“Dr. Phil” is downsizing. The long-running daytime talk show, which returns in September for its 21st season, resumed production this month with 25 fewer staffers. The employees, who we…

Jon Batiste leaves The Late Show; band sexily renamed

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert band leader Jon Batiste, whose career is white hot following the release of his 5-time Grammy award-winning album this past year and a 2021 Oscars win, is leaving the show for "personal and professional reasons."

Replacing Batiste on the show will be one of the existing band members, Louis Cato. Also remaining are Joe Saylor, Louis Fouché, Jon Lampley, Endea Owens, and Nêgah Santos.

Leaving with Batiste is the name of the band, Stay Human. The Late Show band will be renamed: The Late Show Band.

The question most viewers are asking is: What is happening to the band's drummer... the guy who wears the hat? Folks, that's the aforementioned Joe Saylor. He's staying put, presumably with hat.

Jon Batiste Exits ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,’ Louis Cato Named New Bandleader
Academy and Grammy Award-winning artist Jon Batiste is leaving “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” after seven seasons, Colbert announced Thursday night on the show. He’s exiting…

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High School is the new coming-of-age drama based on the high school experiences of musical act Tegan & Sara. It debuts Oct 14 on Amazon Freebee.

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