I’m mostly not that interested in knowing how celebrities are coping with self-quarantine (my heart goes out for anyone getting through this with their own home cinema and swimming pool). But, I am interested in knowing what Larry David is up to. He’s built a career on the idea that hell is other people - so how is he going in self-isolation?

This New York Times piece suggests that he’s doing remarkably well.

Mr. David ventures out for solo walks in the deserted neighborhood. “I cross the street when I see someone coming, like I used to do when I was a kid in Brooklyn and the Italian kids would shake me down for change,” he said. “And when someone crosses first, I know I shouldn’t take it personally but I can’t help it. How dare they?”

I wonder how he’s faring without restaurants, which provide much of the fodder for his shows.

“The one positive thing to come out of this for me is the lunch decision, which in normal times takes me at least 15 minutes,” he said. “Now there’s nothing to it. It’s turkey or tuna. There’s nothing else in the house.”

The article also offers his thoughts on Tiger King and the new Woody Allen book.

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Here’s something a bit odd. When HBO Max launches in the US in May one of the big draw-cards was to be a reunion special with the Friends cast talking about their time on the show. It is not believed to have been filmed yet and with the stupid virus forcing everyone to self-isolate, it isn’t expected to be filmed prior to the HBO Max launch.

But here is a video of Matt LeBlanc in a pre-taped interview on the Kelly Clarkson daytime talk show saying that it has been filmed. The interview was precorded pre-COVID-19. Has it been filmed? I’m guessing that LeBlanc fibbed a little believing the interview would air after the special had been recorded.

Netflix is apparently filming a bonus episode of Tiger King within the next few days?

Louis CK has released a new standup special through his website for US$7.99. It’s a bit interesting reading the online news coverage reporting on this. Some sites are playing it pretty straight with just standard news reportage. And then there’s other sites which is taking a moral stance and decrying CK while telling people that they can go and buy it now, directing people on where to buy it.

Here’s the NYT with some details on the special.

Big budget Disney film Artemis Fowl will go straight to Disney+. While confirmed, the theatrical film does not have a streaming release date. Will it keep its May 29 date, which was when it was set to launch in theatres?

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