The idea of Steve Martin doing a cameo on SNL as Roger Stone was a funnier idea than the actual execution of the bit. Regardless, it is always great to see Steve Martin on screen.

Hugo Blick (The Honourable Woman) has new drama Black Earth Rising, streaming now at Netflix, with John Goodman and Michaela Coel leading the story about a war crime linked to a Rwandan geonicide Coel’s character survived as a child.

Indiewire has this B+ review:

“Black Earth Rising” confronts what humanity is capable of, in all its many forms. There are unspeakable atrocities, acts of perseverance, gestures of grace and understanding. That all extends to an impressive array of supporting players, spanning from Washington D.C. to the heart of the African continent. They all serve a function within the story, but the show avoids reducing them to that purpose. Even the most ruthless individuals have a weakness, and the most pure-intentioned can fall prey to an honest mistake.

Amanda Kooser at CNET has this piece about her decision to drop Netflix. She cancelled it a year ago and hasn’t missed it at all. Um, okay. Having read the piece, I don’t really understand what her overall point is… Is it simply about the fact she now has saved a whole lot of time by not binge-watching TV shows? If so, what has she done with all of this additional time? If watching so much Netflix is an impediment to living a fulfilling life, I feel like your issues are much more significant than just Netflix.

It reads like the modern equivalent of “I don’t even own a TV”.

A man from Arizona in the US found an unconscious woman and had to provide CPR to her. The only problem was that he’d never been trained… but he had seen it done in an episode of The Office in which advice is given to give chest compressions to the tune of the song Stayin’ Alive.

The woman, Clara, was saved. Meanwhile the young man is now looking to get trained in CPR.