There is zero doubt in my mind that the most important news story of 2018 is Ice-T’s claim that he has never eaten a bagel.

I can believe that there are people out there that have not eaten bagels before. Like, it’s possible. But the odds of that for any New Yorker is statistically questionable.

My own passion for bagels is considerable and well-documented, but I am not the only person who finds these claims suspect.

Immediately fans went to the video tape and uncovered episodes of SVU in which Ice-T is seen, quite clearly, to be eating bagels.

Vulture did its own investigation and has eliminated the SVU video as viable evidence.

This story updates…

I have a strong recollection in early 2007 of writing an article about the Nintendo Wii and its potential for video. The Wii had a couple of videos that explained how to use the console that streamed online - suddenly I realised that bittorrent video on demand wasn’t the future and instead it was streaming platforms like the Wii. A few years later Netflix became a thing and that reality was born.

Thanks to the elegant Wii interface, I was able to see where TV was heading. So, it leaves me a little sad today to read that Netflix will discontinue support for its Wii app from January. Nintendo will also be shutting down the Wii Shop service at the same time.

Disney chief Bob Iger has revealed a whole bunch of details on its upcoming streaming service, built to take on Netflix and maintain Disney’s dominance in global entertainment consumption.

Here’s what we now know:

  • It will be branded as Disney+. This is in line with the Disney over-the-top sports platform ESPN+.
  • Disney launched a placeholder website for Disney+ that shows off logos of brands like Pixar, National Geographic and Marvel.
  • The website will have separate sections for fans to explore these sub-brands, but that is not all that will be offered.
  • Confirmed was the rumoured Loki TV series, bringing back the Marvel movie character played by Tom Hiddleston. A prequel series to Star Wars: Rogue One about the character Cassian Andor, portrayed by Diego Luna, will also feature.
  • The service will launch in late 2019.

It hasn’t really made a whole lot of sense in the past for Hulu to expand internationally. The service had, until recently, its ownership slit across most of the US broadcast networks. But with Disney buying Fox’s entertainment assets, it gives the company a 60% share of Hulu.

The more that we’re learning about Disney+, the purpose of Hulu is becoming much more clear. Disney+ will (obviously, now) be very much rooted to the Disney brand and its sub-brands, while Hulu will be a much broader entertainment experience - licensed shows from other networks, original series, and library titles. A lot of this wouldn’t make sense on a Disney-branded service. Can you imagine Disney being happy with Married With Children (which debuted on Hulu last week) alongside Lilo and Sitch?

So, with the value of Hulu established for Disney, it comes as little surprise that they are eyeing an international roll-out:

“After the deal closes and after we have the 60 percent ownership, we’ll meet with the Hulu management team and the board, and discuss what the opportunities are in terms of both global growth and investing more in content,” Iger said. “But that’s something that we have to do after the deal closes.”

If Disney plans to expand into European markets, the company will have to ensure that its content offering matches new impositions from European regulation. That means more original content for international foreign countries could be on the way, but it won’t happen for quite some time. Disney’s acquisition of Fox is expected to be completed in 2019.

Nothing about the launch of Hulu or Disney+ sounds like good news for Australian services like Foxtel or Stan.

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It’s a Wonderful Life is now streaming on Amazon Prime, ahead of Christmas.

And finally…

Uproxx has noticed that creator Robert Kirkman has been very quiet about The Walking Dead TV series since July. Which is interesting at a time in which the show has seen its main character leave the show, a new showrunner take over, and the announcement of three spin-off movies.