The Golden Globes Grift

Last year Norwegian journo Kjersti Flaa sued the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The Judge sided with the HFPA, stating that Flaa didn’t experience any economic or professional hardship as a result of her exclusion from the HFPA.

The court case brought a lot of attention on the HFPA, which has long been accused of lacking credibility and integrity - its Golden Globes broadcast a money-making venture that provided the HFPA members access to stars, gifts, and the occasional all-expenses-paid junket.

In a 2014 interview, actor Gary Oldman said the group was “90 nobodies having a wank” and called for a boycott of the “silly game” their awards represent.

The Los Angeles Times today has an explosive story that examines the HFPA. Among claims made in the article:

  • The non-profit HFPA paid out $1.9 million in payments each to members serving on various committees and performing other tasks.
  • In 2019 30 HFPA members were flown to France for an Emily in Paris set visit. Paramount Network them to: a two-night stay at the five-star Peninsula Paris hotel (rooms currently start at about $1,400 a night), a news conference and lunch at the Musée des Arts Forains (a private museum filled with amusement rides dating to 1850 where the show was shooting).
  • Two dozen members on the foreign film viewing committee in January each received $3,465 to watch foreign films

Read more: The LA Times

Host Ricky Gervais stands on stage at the Golden Globe Awards

Zack Snyder’s Justice League gets a release down under

Australian pay TV company Foxtel announced on Saturday that Zack Snyder’s Justice League four-hour film will be released at 6pm on March 18. It’ll be available on both Foxtel and streaming service Binge. Foxtel report that this will be in line with the global release of the film, which had a lot of enthusiastic Zack Snyder’s Justice League fans doing a time conversion to work out when the film may be launching in their own regions.

On Foxtel, it’ll air on the DC Movies pop-up channel which will run from March 18 through to April 1. After that, the film will just be available on other Foxtel movie channels as usual. Other films to play on the channel will include: Supergirl; Steel; Batman; Batman Returns; Batman Forever; Batman and Robin; Batman Begins; Wonder Woman; Birds of Prey; Joker; The Dark Knight; The Dark Knight Rises; Catwoman; Justice League; Watchmen; Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut; The Lego Batman Movie; Lego DC Batman: Family Matters and Lego DC Shazam: Magic and Monsters.

Twitter taught me over the weekend that the Zack Snyder bros really, really, really care which Justice League photos you’re posting in relation to the movie. They do not care for any images that came from the Joss Whedon cut. And so, as I paste the below image know that unlike the Zack Snyder fans, I really don’t care and I don’t have a clue what version this is from…

Image result for zack snyder's justice league

It’s 2021 and somehow we’re still talking about Quibi

  • Dan Rayburn has a list of lessons companies can learn from Quibi. Read: Streaming Media Blog
  • Quibi lawyers are reporting that the lawsuit brought on by Eko, the company suing Quibi for infringement of its Turnstyle technology, is being funded by hedge-fund management Elliot Management, whose co-CEO Paul Singer has a personal stake in the lawsuit. This leads ABW editor Dan Barrett to ask: so what? Either this is a nuisance lawsuit or it has legs. Read: Deadline
  • When Quibi was sold to Roku, the streaming platform wasn’t just buying the library of Quibi TV shows. It also bought Quibi users information. This is an email sent out from Quibi over the weekend:

Roku pushing into originals

Roku are reportedly set to make a push into producing original series, with the company currently hiring staff. With Roku as one of the most used streaming platforms in the US, a pivot into original shows for its Roku Channel could have a massive impact on the industry.

This also has me wondering what Roku’s international plans are. While huge in the US, the company has not pushed out globally beyond selling its hardware and software to third-party companies where it is re-badged. Here in Australia, for example, it is sold as the Telstra TV for a local telco.

Read: Protocol

Hanging With Doctor Z

Stand-up comedian and former Simpsons writer Dana Gould has a new talk show where he is hosting in-character as Planet of The Apes character Doctor Zaius. The show is a throwback to talk shows and celebrity-culture from Hollywood’s yesteryear (but especially the 70s). Episode one has dropped and it looks like episodes will be under ten minutes long.

It’s very stupid and I had a blast watching it. Your mileage will vary.

Marc Buhaj gets a promotion

Back when I was in grade 10, I got to do work experience at Channel 7 in Brisbane. It was a week of sitting in with the various shows in production at Mt Coot-tha and being a general nuisance to staff saddled with looking after yet-another work experience kid. It was a really fantastic experience. My time spent on kids game show Time Masters was so-so, but what really elevated the experience was spending two days in with the team at Saturday Disney.

Saturday Disney was a long-running Saturday morning show with presenters introducing Disney cartoons, running competitions, taking trips to places for short packaged videos, etc. Being 15 at the time, I was old enough to have stopped watching the show, but also young enough to have been watching while some of the current cast were still on the show. During my time in the offices, the person who spent the most time chatting with me was co-host Marc Buhaj. He was great and made the entire experience really fantastic. Looking back, I really appreciate the effort he made.

It has always made me happy to see that Buhaj transitioned his role as an on-air Disney host and has been working his way up the corporate ladder since then. Until recently he was the general manager of Disney XD. It has now been announced that he will fill the role of VP, Unscripted Series and Specials, Disney Branded Television. Great news.

Read: Deadline

TeeVee Snacks

  • Larry Emdur has been confirmed as the new host of the Australian version of game show The Chase. Read: TV Tonight
  • JJ Abrams has set up another new series for HBO Max. Subject To Change is a thriller about a student who signs up for a medical experiment before going off on a mind-bending adventure. Read: THR
  • A Criminal Minds revival is expected to be announced for new streamer Paramount+ during an announcement event on Tuesday this week. Read: Variety
  • Samara Weaving will play former Playboy playmate Holly Madison in a TV series for Sony Pictures based on Madison’s book Down The Rabbit Hole. Last Man Standing’s Marieke Hardy will write the series. Read: Dark Horizons
  • Finally. The Knick (one of TV’s greatest unwatched gems of a show) and the very fun action drama Banshee are both being added to HBO Max. Read: Polygon
  • An important list of the 25 best Muppet Show episodes. Read: Vulture
  • Tom Hardy will star in Havoc, a new Netflix movie from The Raid’s Gareth Evans. My testosterone levels increased 300% just typing that sentence. Read: Deadline

Muppets advisory

All five seasons of The Muppet Show are now streaming on Disney+. But what was acceptable in 1976 is not quite the case now…

Trailer Park

Apple TV+ has a new promo trailer for its upcoming schedule of shows and films.

The Mosquito Coast from Luther creator Neil Cross debuts on Apple TV+ on April 30.

Apple TV+ series Mythic Quest returns on May 7.

South ParQ The Vaccination Special airs March 10 on Comedy Central.

Invincible debuts March 26 on Amazon Prime Video. I’ve seen some of this - it’s good. Put it on your radar.

Kevin Can F**k Himself launches on AMC mid-year. The trailer looks compelling, but I can’t help but feel that the premise is a few years out of date - the schlubby man/hot wife sitcoms that this show is using for its world construction have been out of vogue for a couple of years already. The only one still on the air is Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing (and even that doesn’t quite fit squarely into the genre).

Sky Rojo debuts on Netflix on March 19. It’s from the makers of Money Heist.

A fatal turn of events at a brothel sends three women haunted by their pasts on a wild run from their pimp and his henchmen.

Country Comfort debuts March 19 on Netflix.

After hitting the skids in her career, an aspiring country singer finds new life as a nanny for a handsome widower and his five charming children.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood debuts March 25 on Netflix.

Formula 1: Drive To Survive returns to Netflix March 19.

During a shortened 2020 season, Lewis Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo and other top drivers pursue checkered flags as COVID-19 turns the world upside down.

What’s next? Tomorrow.