It seems that the final episode of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt still hasn’t gone to air.

A final episode, a one-off special, will debut on Netflix next year. It will be produced as an interactive show in the same way that Bandersnatch worked. Only, presumably, funnier.

Source: CNN

Check out this week’s Always Be Watching podcast. Dan and Chris discuss:

  • New Netflix series Dead To Me
  • Hit new reality show LEGO Masters
  • New Seth Rogen/Charlize Theron comedy Long Shot
  • The hidden gem that is Tracey Morgan’s The Last OG

You can find it at the Always Be Watching website.

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Conan O’Brien’s team has been prepping for a court case over an alleged joke-theft allegation. Today, it has been revealed that the team has settled with the accuser.

Source: Variety

The late night host has written an op-ed for Variety about the reason to settle with the writer:

How did I know? I knew because different people around the world come up with the same joke all the time, especially when the joke is topical. I was made aware of this 24 years ago, when, on the same night, David Letterman, Jay Leno, and I all told an identical “Dan Quayle is dumb” joke: “Dan Quayle announced today that he will not be running for President in ’96. However, he did not rule out running in ’97.” Back then, no one sued anyone because each of us knew that topical comedy often follows a pattern — it’s an occupational hazard. You try hard to avoid it, but sometimes, comedians inadvertently step on each other’s feet.

Source: Variety

Reviews are starting to hit for the Bad Boys spin-off LA’s Finest, which see’s Jessica Alba join Bad Boys star Gabrielle Union in waving guns around and keeping the streets of LA safe.

Ben Travers at Indiewire suggests its genericness on an unknown streaming service will make the show little more than a blip:

Still, the show doesn’t get that much credit for its feminist bona fides, thanks to tone deaf moments like when a professional investigator takes the blame for her son’s kidnapping because she pissed off a cartel by, um, doing her job. As she cries and says it’s all her fault, the police commissioner silently endorses her assumption instead of saying, “Hey, thanks for finding and exposing the bad guys! That’s exactly what you were hired to do!”

Meanwhile Malcolm Venable at TV Guide seems all in on the show:

All this is boilerplate cop drama stuff, but its L.A. grit, self-mocking charm, and splashy Jerry Bruckheimer effects make L.A.'s Finest's a singular kind of cop show — one that delivers a near cinema experience with every bloc. Obviously, some will see the gender of the leads a momentous occasion worth trumpeting, and it is, but the show is packaged so nicely and the partners are so complementary that their sex becomes moot.

Some renewals at CBS:

  • MacGyver - season 4
  • Hawaii Five-O - Season 10
  • SEAL Team - Season 3
  • SWAT - Season 3
  • Bull - Season 4
  • Madam Secretary - Season 6

You know how sometimes you are surprised that a show has been running as long as it has? I’m surprised it has only been 6 seasons for Madam Secretary.

Source: Variety

But not everyone is keen to see Bull back. Steven Spielberg’s Amblin TV won’t be back as a producing partner for the series going forward.

The company headed by Steven Spielberg is washing its hands of the series, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. The decision comes months after CBS paid $9.5 million to settle harassment claims by actress Eliza Dushku against series lead Michael Weatherly.

Source: THR

Rolling Stone has a nice Q&A with character actress Margo Martindale. Among the revelations: She was once a private investigator who worked with Wayne Knight (AKA Seinfeld’s Newman!).

Source: Rolling Stone

The trailer for The Loudest Voice - this is the doco series about former Fox News chief Roger Ailes starring Russel Crowe:

Remember a fortnight ago when Always Be Watching mentioned the Fox Nation event? It was advertised as an opportunity for subscribers to Fox News online streaming news service to come along and meet their favourite hosts and talk to the executives from the channel. Well, apparently not everyone was welcome.

Among the subscribers was Erik Wemple, a media writer for The Washington Post. A few days before the event he was told that the event was completely closed off to the press. This is despite the fact that the event was livestreamed.

There’s no word on whether they offered to refund his annual subscription charge of $60.

Source: Washington Post Wemple Blog

Australia’s AFL-focused The Footy Show has been canceled by Nine after seven poorly-watched weeks on the air.

Since its revamp in March the new look Footy Show has struggled in the ratings. Seven’s Front Bar dominated last week, 427,000 to The Footy Show‘s meagre 97,000 (both 5 city metro). There have been some criticisms Nine was wrong to brand the revamp under its long-running title, but the network favoured trying to retain the audience it had rather than building from the ground up.

Source: TV Tonight

And finally…

It’s the trailer for Part 2 of It: