The superior Fyre Festival documentary Fyre Fraud (that was the one that went to air on Hulu in the US) will go global thanks to an international distribution deal with eOne.

Beyond the fact that all the Netflix Marvel shows are an ill-fit for most other competing streaming services, the thing that will stop most of them from returning is the lead actors from the shows booking new gigs elsewhere. Mike Colter, the star of Luke Cage, has just booked the lead in the pilot for the new show by Robert & Michelle King (The Good Wife, The Good Fight, Braindead) - Evil.

Evil centers on a skeptical female psychologist (Katja Herbers, Westworld) who joins a priest-in-training and a blue-collar contractor to investigate paranormal phenomena. Colter will co-star as David DaCosta, the aforementioned priest-to-be.

Erinn Hayes and Rob Huebel will star in new Children’s Hospital offshoot Medical Police. It seems like Hayes is being wasted yet again in a TV show that is not befitting of her.

Written by Corddry, Johnson, Stern and Wain and directed by Wain and Bill Benz, Medical Police is described as an action-packed thriller, mystery and love story. It centers on two American physicians (Hayes and Huebel) stationed at a pediatric hospital in São Paulo, Brazil, who discover a civilization-threatening virus. The duo are recruited as government agents in a race against time and around the world to find a cure and uncover a dark conspiracy.

Would you be prepared to bleed for Game of Thrones? In what I think is a great initiative, HBO has partnered with the American Red Cross for a blood drive. Those that donate at SXSW will be able to enter a promotional activation in downtown Austin.

After giving blood, donors will walk in the steps of the characters. Those who earn an audience before the Iron Throne will be recognized and rewarded for their bravery.

Those not at the SXSW hipster tech-media-music event will still be able to participate with the blood drive. Those that donate at a Red Cross (again, this is US-only), will go into the draw to win a trip to the world premiere of the first episode of the upcoming final season.

I think this is a great initiative - it will deliver a short-term bump of blood supplies, plus it will likely drive a whole lot of first timers to donate.

I’m a huge advocate for donating blood. If you’re eligible to donate, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. It takes just an hour of your time every few months and you really are making a significant difference in the world. The hardest part is just getting the courage to walk through the doors for the first time. In Australia, where ABW HQ is located, you can set up an appointment to donate blood at:

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No, The Newsroom isn’t coming back.

Nor is Friends From College, which just got canned by Netflix. I watched the whole first season despite my better judgment. I even started watching the second season, but 2 minutes in I literally felt sick in my stomach and shut the televised hellscape off.

No, I do not care for it.

Also gone is The Man In The High Castle, which will conclude at the end of its upcoming 4th season.

And finally…

American kids are starting to watch a lot of Peppa Pig. As a result, a lot of these kids now have British accents. But experts say this is normal.