Husband and wife team Michael Chabon & Ayelet Waldman will produce a series based on Chabon’s book The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. The Pulitzer-award winning book is a fictionalised account of two Jewish comic book writers in the late 30s-40s. It was very loosely inspired by Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. The show will be for Showtime, part of an overall deal Chabon has signed with CBS.

Source: Deadline

Have you signed the petition to make Baby Yoda an emoji?


And on the subject of saddo Internet fandom….

There was this (since-deleted) post from Reddit:

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Israeli reality show 2025 has been cancelled. The show saw a group of people from all walks of life living in a purpose-built mini-city manned by robots and, obviously, filled with cameras. Contestants competed  by completing various tasks, being popular, and spending thiftily. Viewers complained the format was too complicated.

I’d assume the cancellation is a big disappointment as they would probably have liked to have sold the format internationally to make use of the purpose-built facility constructed for the show (often reality shows will send contestants internationally to shoot on big budget sets as it is cheaper than reproducing them in each country).

I couldn’t find a clip of the show directly, but here is a French TV show talking about the Israeli show. I speak neither Hebrew nor French.

Source: Variety

Post-merger, ViacomCBS is out to beef up its content library - both for titles to put on its streaming services and channels as well as with known-IP that can be exploited for remakes. First up is an equity stake in the Miramax library.

For an example of how that might benefit ViacomCBS: Right now Paramount is working with the library on creating a TV adaptation of Sliding Doors.

Source: Deadline

As per Netflix, 26.4 million accounts watched 70% or more of The Irishman. Would that many people have seen the movie in the cinema? Definitely not.

Source: Deadline

And finally…

From the Further Clarity Department (formerly known as the Corrections Dept)…

Yesterday I mentioned an HBO doco about Mel Brooks debuting this week. It was odd to me that I hadn’t heard about HBO making a doco about Brooks (usually this kind of thing gets a lot of attention when commissioned and then leading into its airing), but I was in a rush and took it at face value.

It’s actually a rebadged episode of BBC arts show Imagine. Mel Brooks Unwrapped aired in Feb 2018. Thanks to ABW reader Michael Grant who clarified that one for me.

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