Kirsten Dunst is the star of a new TV series called On Becoming a God in Central Florida. The series was developed for AMC, but was picked up to series by YouTube Premium. Except, YouTube premium is having a rethink on its premium TV show strategy (They realised none of it makes sense), and so have on-sold the series yet-again to Showtime.

Source: Variety

One of the huge money-making talents in Hollywood is JJ Abrams. The exclusive production deal that he has with Paramount (which didn’t seem so exclusive as he was off directing multiple Star Wars films for Disney during that time) is coming to an end and he’s been shopping around for a new exclusive deal for his production company Bad Robot. Abrams doesn’t just bring with him tent-pole movies, but has also been very active in producing TV. If anything, Bad Robot is more prolific on the TV side of the business.

It is being reported this morning that WarnerMedia is the frontrunner to sign Abrams after a lengthy courting process by multiple studios. WarnerMedia seems like a good fit for Abrams with not just its long(!)-established movie & TV devisions, but also its soon-to-launch streaming video service.

The value of the deal: A reported $500 million.

Source: Deadline

New Amazon series The Boys debuts on Amazon July 26 - if you’re a fan of Preacher, or dark genre comedies like that, this will be one to check out. The trailer dropped today.

It’s a universally accepted fact that Rodney Dangerfield’s movie Back To School is one of the top five movies of all time. We all agree with this. And now it is coming to television. In “I don’t get no respect” news, the show will be a reality show in which students deal with their parents attending the same school as them.

Source: Variety

And finally… (it’s a short newsletter today)

Aimee Knight examines what it is that makes The Muppets so resistant to cynicism.

Despite the Muppets’ collective belief in (and reliance on) Kermit’s capacity to keep their group together, the little frog often loses his cool and openly doubts his ability to lead. That’s when the Muppets show each other their idiosyncratic softness, as squabbles give way to the group’s embrace of their diverse personalities and viewpoints.

Source: Kill Your Darlings