After a lifetime of viewing, US network NBC moved longtime soap Days of Our Lives from afternoon viewing over to the streamer Peacock.

While I am a big fan of the increased scope of programming available to viewers and the ease of access that streaming provides, I have always been concerned that a full move to streaming will limit the capability of a lot of marginalised viewers from being able to watch shows that are important to them. Older peopleand  those without the financial means to pay for even a cheaper, relatively inexpensive service.

Days of Our Lives now exclusively available on subscription service Peacock... that really strikes at a lot of these very vulnerable audiences.

The LA Times has a look at those impacted. Here's 60 year-old Trish Hobbs:

“I’m divorced. I live alone. It’s like friends coming over,” she said, likening the show to a comforting plate of macaroni and cheese. Through her cable provider, she was able to get a free Peacock subscription and has been watching the show on her desktop computer the last few days — “but it’s not the same,” she said wearily. Hobbs, a cancer survivor, is not able to work and can barely afford to see her doctor, so she’s not sure what she’ll do when the free subscription runs out.
‘Days of Our Lives’ made the move to streaming. Some loyal fans are feeling burned
Like sands through the hourglass, the soap moved to Peacock recently after 57 years on NBC. Whether fans follow could determine the genre’s fate.
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