If you have your credit card attached to an account with Nintendo, check your bank statements. The company reports that 300,000 customer accounts have been compromised.

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Super Mario Odyssey - shocked Mario

It takes a lot for a TV pilot to go right. You need the right script, right director, the right cast, and it needs to be the right show for the right moment. A lot can go wrong, so if you lock into any of the things you need, it’s important to hold onto them.

That’s great news if you’re on-screen talent cast in one of the many pilots currently waiting to be filmed right now in this era of COVID-19 shutdowns. CBS has just joined a number of TV studios who are paying to keep talent in holding deals until production resumes.

Of course, this doesn’t mean the studios necessarily have faith in the series - other shows will instead bypass a pilot and go straight to series.

The list includes Rebecca Wisocky, who was cast in the CBS single-camera comedy pilot, Ghosts, Vanessa Lachey, who was set to co-star opposite Malin Akerman and Oliver Hudson in the multi-camera comedy The Three Of Us; Edwin Hodge, who joined drama Good Sam, starring Sophia Bush; and  Arliss Howard, who was added to Ways & Means, headlined by Patrick Dempsey. I hear Wisocky, Lachey and Hodge have been extended, while Howard’s option pickup is pending.

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The Wyld Stallyns are back. And this trailer actually makes it all seem pretty fun. Just try and wipe the smile off my face. You can’t.

There might be problems for the US Government’s Space Force. Netflix has licensed the trademark in more territories than the Government. This might cause problems if the new agency decides it wants to sell any merchandise.

While most people understand the difference between the show "Space Force" and the military Space Force, the trademark could play into merchandise confusion if clothing or a mug, for example, were to hit stores and customers were curious as to who was actually selling the goods.

"At this time, we are not aware of any trademark conflicts with the fictional program 'Space Force' produced by Netflix," an Air Force spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter. "We wish Netflix and the show's producers the best in their creative depiction of our nation's newest branch of the military."

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Apparently The Sims 4: Eco Living allows gamers to more easily kill their sims and harvest their bodies for their nutrients.

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The Sims 4: Eco Living - two Sims discuss environmental measures in a front yard

BBC iPlayer, Britbox, and Netflix have all dropped Matt Lucas comedies Little Britain and Come Fly With Me over concerns of dated humour like blackface.

A BBC spokesman told Variety: “There’s a lot of historical programming available on BBC iPlayer which we regularly review. Times have changed since ‘Little Britain’ first aired, so it is not currently available on BBC iPlayer.”

BritBox also confirmed that “Little Britain” was no longer on the service, adding that “Come Fly With Me” had not been available for six months.

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I’ve been curious enough to learn more about Roy Cohn that I’ve been awaiting new HBO documentary Bully. Coward. Victim: The Story of Roy Cohn. But not so curious that I have bothered loading up a Wikipedia article. The documentary debuts on HBO June 19.

Nervous times at Australia’s ABC with 250 jobs set to be slashed. The jobs will come from content divisions including news, entertainment and specialist and regional.

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I really don’t like lists that push progressive ideas. They always feel like homework rather than being meaningful conversation starters. So when I saw this THR publish: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's 6 Best Morale-Boosting TV Dramas for People of Color, I was immediately a bit skeptical. But this list is GREAT.

First of all, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is an interesting guy who has taken his career in all sorts of interesting places - athlete, presenter, actor, coach, ambassador, activist, advisor. Heck, at age 71 he joined the writers room of the Veronica Mars reboot. I’m all in on Kareem.

But secondly, he nails this list beautifully. He explains his list here:

Fortunately, there are a bunch of shows that feature strong, smart, clever, morally complex characters of color that will inspire people to see themselves and others in a more favorable light. Long gone are the days of Starsky and Hutch's Huggy Bear, the impish pimp, or Green Hornet's Kato, the Asian American sidekick/valet. Given our voracious consumption of TV shows and movies during our national confinement, the six shows I've selected (in no particular order) are both vastly entertaining and also promote a positive sense of ethnic identity about who we are and our importance in society. It is the pop culture vaccine to boost morale and change public perception.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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