There’s another charge leveled against Full House star Lori Loughlin and her husband, which could see prison time as much as 50 years. The actor was implicated in Operation Varsity, exploring college admission bribery.

Source: Deadline

You’ve likely already watched this, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to publish this anyway… It’s the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer.

This has a very Return of The Jedi feel, but it feels a lot less 1983 than The Last Jedi did, which I say is a shame.

Radio Times has a tidy list of questions from the trailer.

US customers of communications company Verizon will receive a year of free Disney+.

Start expecting to see a lot of deals like that with various carriers around the world for services like Disney+, Apple TV+ and the like. This is TV as a lure to sign up to platforms and other subscription services - yes, there are a lot of streaming services around and are set to launch, but don’t think you’ll have to actually pay for a lot of them directly.

Source: Dark Horizons

With Kevin Feige at Marvel taking on the newly created role of Chief Creative Officer, now overseeing Marvel’s films, TV, and comics, there are executive changes. Jeff Loeb, a former comic book writer and head of Marvel TV, today announced that he’ll be leaving the company.

Source: THR

Also being pushed aside with a role drastically reduced is Marvel big-wig and hardcore Republican Ike Perlmutter.

Source: Variety

Isaac Perlmutter Disney Marvel

HBO have launched a website filled with Watchmen supplemental material. Which is fine, but I wouldn’t expect this material to be as crucial to understanding the series as the supplemental material in the original comic books was to that.

Delve into Watchmen: Peteypedia

According to streaming service Shudder, viewership of its Creepshow anthology series has been high:

54% of all members on Shudder’s direct-to-consumer platforms have viewed an episode of the anthology series based on the 1982 Stephen King and George Romero film, according to the premium streaming service.

But, does that really mean anything substantial? Has Shudder grown its subscriber base thanks to Creepshow? What was the retention rate of people watching more than one episode? How many watched all the episodes?

Source: Deadline


Let It Snow is a new film adaptation set to stream on Netflix. It’s part of what The AV Club termed the ‘stupid holiday movie extravaganza’.

Admittedly, this blurb from The AV Club now has me wanting to watch it:

Based on the trailer alone, Let It Snow is apparently about a group of unsupervised teenaged children who get real horny for each other (but like, in an appropriate sense because it’s Christmas) at some sort of ski resort while the kid from the new Spider-Man movies plays the exact same character, but with an interest in DJ’ing and fewer (read: zero) romantic prospects—but maybe he’s asexual so that’s okay?

And finally…. podcasts.

A new ABW Podcast will be up sometime today with Dan (that’s me) & Chris (not me) talking about the first episode of Watchmen (largely focused on the question of whether one can understand it without reading the comic) and some very broad thoughts around the new Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker trailer.

I started editing the podcast last night, but I was tired and I got very sleepy. In the meantime, can I instead direct you towards the new season of the golden years of Hollywood podcast You Must Remember This - it has just started a multi-episode look at the controversial Disney film Song of The South. Check it out.