Did you know that there are just two Blockbuster video stores left in the world? One of them is located in Perth, Australia. And that store is about to close.

Store owner Lyn Borszeky:

“We knew change was coming but were a bit surprised how quickly it affected our customer base once Netflix hit the Australian market”.
“We put in a pretty good effort to be the last one in Australia, I suppose, but it was going to happen eventually and now is the time”.

The last-ever store is found in Bend Oregon.

Source: Eastern Reporter

I’m actually very okay with Blockbuster shutting for good. I’ve been playing the long game with the brand since they charged me $36 in late fees for the Martin Lawrence film Blue Streak. A movie I never got around to watching.

The Academy Awards are over. Now campaigning starts for the Emmy Awards. Michael Schneider at Variety takes a deep dive into the campaigns and how much it will cost networks to snare their gold statues.

“The amount of money spent by certain networks, particularly in the scripted realm, is extraordinary,” says A+E Networks programming president Rob Sharenow. “The gross domestic product of some countries is probably smaller than what’s spent to market and promote certain shows. I think you have the SVOD services and the pay services in a war to the death.” Last year, that kind of commitment paid off for Netflix. Fueled by the sheer tonnage of its offerings, the streaming giant scored 112 total Emmy nods — ending HBO’s 17-year streak as nomination leader.

Source: Variety

Remember that Mad About You remake? It is back on!

Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt are back on the show. Everything seems to be right about the remake… except one thing…

The show has been picked up by Spectrum Originals. No, I have no idea what that is either or how one would ever actually see it.

Peter Tolan will serve as showrunner, writer and executive producer of the show, which is being produced by Sony Pictures Television in association with Comedy Dynamics. Hunt is slated to direct the first episode. Co-creator Danny Jacobson will be an executive consultant.

“We are so excited to finally be doing this and thrilled to have Peter Tolan as our fearless captain,” said Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt in a joint statement. “We promise you the same funny and heartwarming show – as soon as we can remember what’s funny about being older. It’s going to be great!”

Source: Variety

When people complain about TV remakes and how there are ‘no original ideas in Hollywood anymore’, why do they never cite the endless stream of Agatha Christie movies and TV shows?

Because there’s another batch coming.

Bruna Papendrea’s production company Made Up Stories has signed a deal with Agatha Christie Ltd to produce a new series based on Miss Marple.

“I’m just thrilled to be joining forces with James and Agatha Christie Ltd to reintroduce the brilliant Miss Marple to the world,” Papandrea said. “Agatha Christie is a true literary legend, and her Marple character at the center of these amazing stories is a complex female heroine providing great entertainment and inspiration. It’s such an exciting opportunity to bring it all to life.”

Control your enthusiasm, fans.

Source: Deadline

On the subject of literature, Gabriel García Márquez’s literary classic One Hundred Years of Solitude into a Spanish-language series for Netflix.

Source: Deadline

George RR Martin on the conclusion of Game of Thrones:

“It’s been an incredible ride,” the author tells EW. “And almost all of it has been great. Obviously, I wished I finished these books sooner so the show hadn’t gotten ahead of me. I never anticipated that.”

He gives a great interview to EW about the final 6 episodes and his role in the series conclusion.

Source: EW

Richard Gere will star in the upcoming BBC drama MotherFatherSon. But, it’s the first and last time he ever plans to do TV.

“It was six months’ shooting, like doing four indie movies back to back but playing the same character. It’s too long. I don’t think I’ll do it again.”

Source: Radio Times

The TV addict asks the most important question of 2019: Where are all the TV shows about bingo?

Great question.

Source: The TV Addict

And finally…

Stories about cord-cutting seem soooooo 2016/17. But, it’s still on the rise. Heck, the rate of it actually doubled in 2018.

The top 11 U.S. pay TV operators lost 2.87 million customers in 2018, nearly double the 1.5 million the domestic ecosystem shed in 2017.

Source: Multichannel News