THR TV critic Dan Feinberg recommends against watching new Netflix drama Messiah. The show from the pro-Trump team of Mark Burnett and Roma Downey stars Michelle Monaghan in a religious thriller.

Broadly, he says:

Just don't be fooled by the Netflix auspices, the reasonably decent production values and a couple wildly overqualified castmembers — an annual Yuletime viewing of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang offered a reminder that Michelle Monaghan should be a star of the highest stature — into thinking that what Messiah aspires to is closer to Homeland or Fauda than God's Not Dead. I was fooled, or maybe I was just a professional doing due diligence, which kept me watching through 10 episodes to see if eventually Messiah would do something surprising or courageous or powerful. If you're on the fence on this one, can I assure you in spoiler-free fashion that I've watched the entire first season of the show and it does not do any of those things?

He gets more specific:

None of this ideological stuff would matter as much if Messiah weren't so dramatically inert. Especially in the early episodes, the intercutting between various storylines consistently saps the momentum from each narrative. Whenever you think the show is finding its footing, we're treated to another in a litany of scenes in which a nonbeliever sits down with Al-Masih in one of his various confinements and they have a conversation that begins with, "But who are you REALLY?" and continues with a lot of enigmatic staring.

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The show is streaming now on Netflix.

Disney+ dropped a bit of a surprise into its 2020 showreel. The upcoming Wandavision show, spun-out from its Marvel properties, will debut this year. It was previously scheduled for 2021.

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And finally…

Some good news. The ABC raised $2 million for the Red Cross with its New Years Eve fundraiser. That money will go into supporting those affected by the Australian bushfires. You too can donate HERE.

Source: TV Tonight