This is great news for parents: users of Disney+ will be able to download shows and movies to their personal devices and keep them - there will be no need to renew licenses or re-download anything. As long as the user is still subscribed to Disney+, the files will remain (even once a movie or show leaves the platform). It’s a little thing, but a potential huge frustration for parents managing kids who want to watch a specific thing then and there.

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One week from today will see the launch of Apple TV+. I’m super curious about what sort of news coverage this is going to receive over the week leading up to this. Will Apple be able to generate the level of enthusiasm that usually surrounds its hardware launches? Or will it be a more muted launch like its Apple Music launch?

Lucas Shaw and Mark Gurman have a deep dive into Apple’s efforts to buy its way into the TV business.

One challenge, the former executives say, was taste. Because he wanted to protect the Apple brand, Cook insisted on reviewing episodes to snuff out anything potentially controversial. At one point, Apple delayed Carpool Karaoke to recut several episodes, including one in which Gwyneth Paltrow dropped a reference to vaginal steaming.

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A trailer has dropped for revival series The L Word: Generation Q.

Jack Ryan is back for a second season next weekend (which I’ve seen the first episode of and was very happy with one specific change on the show). Paul Scheuring, the chap who created Prison Break, has just been announced as the series new showrunner for its third season.

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Jack Ryan Watchmen New Showrunners

And finally…

Apparently the kids online love Hocus Pocus. And thus a sequel for Disney+ will be birthed.

Jen D’Angelo will write and produce the new movie. The plan is to get the original cast back for this, though they have not yet signed up for it. I’m positive you don’t need to be reminded that the original starred Bette Midler as Winifred, Sarah Jessica Parker as Sarah, and Kathy Najimy as Mary.

If the sequel can be even half as memorable as the original…

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