It’s official and going ahead: Russian Doll has been picked up for a second season by Netflix. The announcement was made at the Recode Media Code Conference today. The audio of the event will likely be made available via the Recode podcast feed in the coming days.

Source: Deadline

Also renewed for a second season is Love, Death, + Robots. No further information, such as how many episodes or a release date has been made available.

Right now Hollywood is in the grip of Emmy Awards. The nominations have just opened, so there is a lot of jockeying by PR people to get their clients awards. One of the questions that awards-watchers are asking is about the viability of Game of Thrones as an Emmy winner. There’s no doubt it’ll be nominated, but could it win best drama after a very divisive final season?

I’d suggest that we’ve never seen TV on the scale of the final season of Game of Thrones - I struggle with the idea that it wouldn’t win every award on the night (with the exception, perhaps, of writing…)

When TV Academy members receive their Emmy ballots, will it matter that Veep ended in a way that satisfied most, whereas Thrones did not? Or that both shows' final-season episode counts were so low? (Thrones set a record for a series victory last year when it won with just seven episodes, the same number with which Veep is competing this year; Thrones, meanwhile, is vying this year with just six, the minimum number required for Emmy eligibility.)

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Where were you when Kimberley ripped off her wig on Melrose Place? The answer is probably ‘in front of the TV’, but I reckon there’s a strong chance that you remember it happening.

EW has a great interview with creator Darren Star looking back at developing that very memorable TV moment.

Source: EW

It’s one of the biggest video game properties in the world and Nintendo has just announced it is developing a new installment. Get ready for a sequel to The Legend of Zelda, coming to the Nintendo Switch.

And finally…

Coming soon to Disney+ is a Chip ‘n’ Dale animated show. But for those of you hoping for a Rescue Rangers revamp, you’ll be disappointed by this. The new cartoon will feature the two chipmunks getting into mischief in the big city.

It’ll be 39, 7-minute episodes.

Source: Deadline