Matt and Ross Duffer have signed a deal with Netflix to produce more TV shows and movies with the streamer. This includes a fourth season of their series Stranger Things.

A dollar figure hasn’t been announced, but I’m curious to see how this stacks up against the deal signed with the Game of Thrones guys. While Stranger Things obviously hasn’t been as huge a success as GoT and the scale of production is quite different, Stranger Things has still been a huge success and achieved on a budget that one would have to assume is drastically cheaper than GoT.

Source: Variety

Netflix marked the talent announcement with a Stranger Things 4 teaser:

The teaser has fans speculating about a very specific s3 plot point…

I’ve been banging on about Stumptown this past week, based on a comic I really dig by writer Greg Rucka. Well, it’s a great month to be Greg Rucka with a new TV show based on another of his creations, Batwoman, launching as a TV series.

While Batwoman has existed since the 1950s, Greg Rucka’s mid-00s relaunch of the character was a dramatic revamp, giving the character significantly more depth, introducing strong queer themes, and generally made the character kick-ass for the first time in her publication history.

(Note: Batwoman is not the same character as Batgirl - this isn’t Barbara Gordon).

Caroline Famke at Variety has this review of the pilot:

The sooty and perpetually endangered city of Gotham, as the many movies and TV shows about it can attest, is endlessly ripe for bleak crime stories. The key to making them compelling, though, is making sure the characters around them can hold them up. To that end, “Batwoman” takes a valiant swing with its unlikely heroine, based on her recent run in the DC comics. Kate, like Bruce, is a surly rule-breaker with an enormous chip on her shoulder in large part thanks to watching her family die when she was way too young to absorb the tragedy of it. (For Bruce, it was his parents; for Kate, it was her mother and sister.) But Kate is also a gay woman who’s felt the pain of discrimination and heartbreak in a way that Bruce, frankly, never could.
Batwoman -- "Pilot" -- Image Number: BWN101f_0095.jpg -- Pictured: Ruby Rose as Kate Kane -- Photo: Elizabeth Morris/The CW -- © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Former Cheers writer Ken Levine writes at his blog about the current US broadcast TV season:

And the networks’ takeaway of course: Comedy is dead. No one wants to see comedy. Meanwhile, the young audience they’re so desperately trying to attract are watching FRIENDS in record numbers.

He’s got a point.

Source: By Ken Levine

Kathryn Hahn stars in an upcoming HBO drama Mrs Fletcher. The trailer for it has just dropped:

And finally…

It’s just a case of the same-old with this new animated film coming to Netflix:

It tells the story of a severed hand that escapes a Parisian laboratory. Desperately in search of its original body, the hand begins to remember its old life, of days when it was once attached to a pizza boy named Naoufel. As the hand hunts down Naoufel, it also begins to recall the boy’s love for a librarian named Gabrielle, which may hold answers about just what happened to the hand.

I Lost My Body is based on a novel by Amélie writer Guillaume Laurant. It debuts on Netflix Nov 29.