Armando Iannucci (Veep, The Thick of It) has a new HBO comedy, Avenue 5, launching in January. The first trailer was released today:

There has been a gust of denials from US news service MSNBC. Host of the show Hardball Chris Matthews has denied farting on air during an interview. As has the interviewee Eric Swalwell.

With no dogs in the studio, MSNBC has blamed a Hardball mug.

Source: Vulture

Forget it Always Be Watching - it’s Chinatown. A new prequel series based on the great Jack Nicholson film has been announced for Netflix. Robert Towne is back writing it. David Fincher producing it.

The idea behind the prequel series would be to focus on a young Jake Gittes (played in the film by Jack Nicholson) as he plies his business in a town where the wealthy and corruption involves areas like land, oil and gangs. The hope is that Fincher might direct the pilot, but that is not part of the deal which at this point covers a pilot script. Roman Polanski directed the original film and the late Robert Evans produced it.

Source: Deadline

The next season of Hulu’s Marvel series Runaways will be its last. Today, a trailer for the third season was released.


  • Hackers claim to be selling the account details of hacked Disney+ customers via the dark web. Disney insist they were not breached. Source: Deadline
  • Disney+ hasn’t impacted on Netflix after a week. It’s kind of a silly story in that Disney+ is never going to make a serious dent in Netflix. But, Netflix will face some challenges when it is facing off against multiple big-brand competitors like Warners with HBO and NBC’s Peacock. Read the story: Variety

The Mandalorian

  • The Internet is doing a roaring trade in theories related to *THAT* character in The Mandalorian. Vox has this piece that talks about when The Mandalorian is set and how that relates to what the character may be. Source: Vox
  • David Sims at The Atlantic has a piece that more broadly discusses the opportunities Star Wars TV shows can have. Source: The Atlantic
  • Social media interest in The Mandalorian was very high, but came behind Stranger Things and Titans. Source: Dark Horizons
The Mandalorian Was In High Demand


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And finally…

Indiewire asks the question: Why does Lost/The Leftovers/Watchmen showrunner Damon Lindeloff hate dogs? It’s a fair question. Read more: Indiewire

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