There is no word on how much money is being paid for this one, but from 2021 Netflix will be the home of Seinfeld. The streamer will have Seinfeld for five years with all 180 episodes available for subscribers globally.

In the US the rights are currently held by Hulu, which reportedly paid $130 million over six years.

Not only is this a great acquisition for Netflix (it needs iconic shows that feel like TV), but it also benefits the show in the long-run. Being seen on the biggest TV platform in the world gives the show an audience that simply might not watch it if available on lower-tier platforms. It gives the show longevity.

Jerry Seinfeld, Michael Richards and Jason Alexander in “Seinfeld”

It looks like there is a must-see episode of The Goldbergs coming up. You know what I don’t want: a Cheers revival show. If I find Carla still has to serve Cliff after all of these years, I’d feel sad.

And speaking of reunions, there’s a Blues Brothers 2000 reunion on an upcoming episode of The Connors with Dan Aykroyd making an appearance.

Aykroyd is on a tear right now, having also made a truly bonkers appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast this past week.

Dan Aykroyd on The Conners

Is the ViacomCBS-owned Australian TV network Channel 10 set to launch an MTV channel on free-to-air TV in Australia? That’s what Steve Molk has reported at TV Blackbox. Is Australian TV clamouring for nightly 8-episode marathons of Ridiculousness and Teen Mom? It’ll be interesting to see what shape the channel takes.

Source: TV Blackbox

Saying gross, racist things on a podcast gets a guy fired from SNL.

Jay Baruchel has joined the cast of the US remake of A Moody Christmas where he’ll play the screw-up son of Denis Leary and Elizabeth Perkins. Baruchel is great… but in no way looks like the very Irish-looking Denis Leary.

Source: Deadline

Living With Yourself is a new Netflix comedy starring two hilarious Paul Rudd’s. October 18 is when you can watch it.

And finally…

Matthew Broderick plays a school principal in the Netflix post-apocalyptic teen comedy Daybreak. If you make it to the end of this teaser, you’ll see a knowing wink to Bueller.