Fans of BBC drama Doctor Foster will be keen to check out Life - it’s a new series that follows the Anna character from Doctor Foster.

Writer Mike Bartlett:

“It’s one of four story strands that make up the series, the other three being new, completely different interconnected stories that explore the epic and extraordinary in our everyday lives. It might share a universe with Doctor Foster but Life is a whole world of its own.”

Source: Radio Times

Ice-skating drama Spinning Out has been cancelled by Netflix after just one episode.

Source: Variety


The new Choose Your Own Adventure-style TV show Interrogation is good on paper, but fails with the execution. Or so says Pilot Viruet at TV Line:

“When cold case detectives reopen an unsolved case, they abandon the linear narrative presented in the files of the original investigation,” states the intro to the series. Rather, detectives follow “the evidence in the order they choose.” In Interrogation, viewers are meant to mimic this approach, picking and choosing which “clues” to follow by skipping around to whichever episodes seem to have promising leads. The idea is that we feel as if we’re working the case ourselves — a pretty clever conceit during a time when people are not only obsessed with true crime series and podcasts, but are also building Internet communities that are dedicated to amateur detectives investigating cases.

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Last Summer is a lost movie. The 1969 film can’t be found easily in physical form. No home video release. Actual prints of the film used for projection are scarce. But the movie isn’t the only thing that has seemingly disappeared. Where is one of it’s stars Catherine Burns?

The actress was nominated for an Academy Award for her work in the film, an X-rated teen drama about friendship gone wrong. The film scored its harsh rating due to a graphic rape scene.

Burns wasn’t a traditional Hollywood starlet and her looks were often criticised. She was one of her harshest critics. Within just a few years she disappeared from the screen and from working in the theatre. After that, she practically vanished. She wrote a book in the late 80s and then the trail of Catherine Burns went cold.

The Hollywood Reporter has a great feature about Catherine Burns… revealing her fate for the first time. Read the article.

Please note that while all seven Police Academy films are available on Netflix in the US as of this month, only the original is available on Netflix in Australia.

For the record, the order of Police Academy films from best to worst is:

Police Academy
Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol
Police Academy 2: The First Assignment
Police Academy 3: Back in Training
Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach
Police Academy 7: Mission To Moscow
Police Academy 6: City Under Siege

<em>Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment</em>

Chris Pratt is on his way back to television with a new series The Terminal List.

Source: Dark Horizons

Anthony Mackie is taking over as the lead actor in Altered Carbon on Netflix. The second season trailer has just been released.

And finally…

Some sad news to end today’s ABW report. Actor Shannen Doherty has this week confirmed she has stage 4 cancer.

Source: CNN


Ct scan to do mapping for radiation plan. This scared me so much. Not sure why. Was supposed to get it with contrast but the minute they started looking at which vein to use I started crying. Full panic attack. Sometimes, you just get sick of being poked. And that's ok. I cried. I felt sorry for myself for a minute. Then stopped and reminded myself of how lucky I am. Thank God my new radiation oncologist decided to try without contrast so I would calm down. So.... one panic attack down and mapping done!! Now to actually start radiation... #cancerslayer #warrior #fightlikeagirl #blessedNovember 18, 2016