‘tis the season for TV cancellations…

Netflix cancels Altered Carbon

Netflix’s sci-fi drama Altered Carbon has been cancelled after just two seasons. While the show was seemingly popular and led to an anime movie spin-off which is also streaming on Netflix, the streamer has opted not to renew it for a third season. The reason: it just cost too much. Shows get more expensive with each season (everyone involved tends to demand more money when something is deemed successful) and it didn’t make sense financially to continue on.

Read: Deadline

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Also cancelled: I’m Sorry

One of the quiet TV gems was I’m Sorry, a comedy series written by and starring Andrea Savage. The show was certainly not one of the great TV shows, but it was an always entertaining and reliable fun hangout show. Every episode had a few good chuckles and its cancellation is genuinely a shame.

Also, it is worth noting that nobody has heard of this show. It wasn’t just you.

It follows Andrea (played by Savage), a confident comedy writer, wife and mom who comically exposes her inner immaturity and neuroses through unexpected life situations. She is joined by her husband Mike (Tom Everett Scott), their inquisitive daughter Amelia (Olive Petrucci) and her divorced parents (Kathy Baker and Martin Mull), as well as a close circle of friends.

Why the cancellation? The network, TruTV, blamed issues related to COVID. It’s also likely connected to the restructuring underway of the TV business at WarnerMedia. It likely didn’t cost much to make. But when nobody has heard of the show, even a few pennies is too many pennies.

Source: Deadline

Andrea Savage's 'I'm Sorry' Renewed For Season 3 By TruTV

Apple TV+ adds reality

Apple TV+ has unveiled its upcoming slate of documentaries. Coming soon:

Tiny World - Oct 2
Narrated by Paul Rudd, the nature series aims to look at the world “through the eyes of the tiniest creatures and witness the extraordinary things they do to survive.”

Becoming You - November 13
Narrated by Olivia Colman, the series looks at how a child’s first 2,000 days shape the rest of their lives. Told through the eyes of over 100 children across the world, from Nepal to Japan and Borneo, each episode offers a thought-provoking look at how children learn to think, speak and move from birth to five-years-old.

Last Night on Earth - Dec 4
Narrated by Tom Hiddleston, the series was filmed across six continents, from the Arctic Circle to the African grasslands and follows the moonlit dramas of animals at night, revealing new insights and never before seen behaviors.

Source: Variety

Tiny World

Apple TV+ adds augmented reality

Apple TV+ is looking to add an augmented reality function to bring to life elements of its TV programming. The feature is expected to debut in 2021 ahead of a dedicated Apple AR headset in 2022.

What is this exactly? Itll be an app on your phone - hold it up to the TV screen while watching your favourite Apple TV+ show (there’s so many great ones *cough*) and elements of the TV show, such as characters or objects, would then be integrated into your real-world environment.

For example, someone watching a moon-walking scene in the Apple show “For All Mankind” might be able to see a virtual lunar rover on their device’s display, seemingly perched atop their living room coffee table.

The way to think of this is that the AR addition to Apple TV+ is a silly novelty, but it is a way to get Apple users thinking about AR in the year ahead of launching the headset that will deliver a more sophisticated AR experience into their lives.

It’s the thing that gets you to the thing.

Source: Bloomberg

For All Mankind: Teaser Trailer For Season 2 Of Apple TV+ Drama Series  Released Online | Irish Cinephile

Ruff viewing

For International Dog Day the good boys and good girls over at Radio Times have put together a list of the best nine dog movies on Disney+. A good reference list you can pull out whenever needed.

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Lady and the Tramp

Really? Huh….

Sometimes you find out a bit of information that boggles your brain for a moment before you finally achieve full clarity.

The cast for Jenji Kohan’s upcoming corona-based drama Social Distance was announced. Among the actors are real-life husband and wife Dylan Baker and Becky Ann Baker.

I have watched both of these actors in what, combined, is every US TV show ever (really, both are very prolific) and have no doubt visited their Wikipedia pages. I never knew they were married until this day.

Read about Social Distance, I guess: Vulture

TeeVee Snacks

  • How successful was DC Fandome? Apparently it received 22 million views. This doesn’t appear to be unique views tho and I can’t help but remember the 10 or so times that the live video feed was re-started by me while trying to watch it… Source: Variety
  • CBS are re-purposing streaming shows for broadcast to fill production gaps. This means Star Trek: Discovery will finally play out season one on broadcast. Source: TV Insider

Trailer Park

Julie and The Pantoms debuts Sept 10 on Netflix.

The 40 Year-Old Version debuts Oct 2 on Netflix.

What’s next?