Across more than 100 territories (within 30 countries), Netflix is dropping its prices by 20-60%. Existing customers will find that they pay less on their next bill.

So, what's the catch? It depends what plan you are on and where you live. Netflix has reached saturation in the US and is doing just fine in other countries - in many of those, they are offering a pricing tier that is cheaper, but supported by ads. But where they don't have the ad plan - that's where they will be focused on dropping prices. It's all about trying to scoop up as many price sensitive customers as Netflix can.

Members on the Basic plan will see their prices drop the most. Territories that will see the drop include: Central and South America (CSA), Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), and the Asia Pacific (APAC) regions.

Why Netflix Dropped Subscription Prices in More Than 100 Territories — but Not the U.S.
Sure, the password-sharing crackdown sucks — but Netflix rightsizing prices in poorer countries could help make up for that.

Why is Lizzy Caplan not in 2023's Party Down?

Party Down without Lizzy Caplan is a sad proposition. But maybe not as sad as thinking all of these characters are still working together for the same catering business after so many years. The reason she's not back is not for reasons of art: it was scheduling.

The only original cast member not returning is Lizzy Caplan, who Thomas said “is heartbroken that she could not be in this show, as are we, but once they greenlit it it was like, ‘Here is the window we think we can do it, who all is in?’ And we felt really fortunate to get as many of the cast members as we did; sadly Lizzy was not one of them,” due to scheduling conflicts.

EP John Enbom said they discussed whether they could even do the show without Caplan, but knew they couldn’t move the shooting timetable as Scott was going off to shoot Severance and Lynch was about to do Funny Girl. “It feels like Severance is going to be around for a while, so we felt very fortunate to get as many people in it at this point as we did,” Thomas added (Scott was in fact not in attendance at the premiere as season two of Severance is currently filming).
‘Party Down’ Team on Returning 13 Years Later and Carrying on Without Lizzy Caplan
“We felt really fortunate to get as many of the cast members as we did; sadly Lizzy was not one of them,” executive producer Rob Thomas said of the actress’ scheduling conflicts.

James Poniewozik at NYT writes about the massive creative failure rate of comedies being revived:

Sitcoms in general, but especially ones about young characters with dreams and ambitions, have built-in expiration dates: Things can go on for only so long before they get depressing. Ross and Rachel must move away; Pam and Jim must get out of that stultifying office. To catch up with them in middle age, to ask what happens after happily ever after, is to risk making everything too real. Comedy is tragedy plus time, they say, but it is also true that tragedy is comedy plus time.
Are We Having Fun Yet? ‘Party Down’ and the Sadness of the Sitcom Revival
Bringing beloved comedies back from the dead is usually a bad idea. The best ones, like Starz’s cater-waiter-com, lean into the discomfort.
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The Problem with Jon Stewart returns March 3 on Apple TV+.

Toni Collette Amazon Prime Video show The Power debuts March 31.

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