There’s always one episode of a TV show that needs to be pulled anytime there’s a big news story in the world. Due to COVID-19, it’s an episode of New Amsterdam that won’t go to air. The hospital-focused show had an episode filmed about a flu pandemic in New York. It was originally scheduled to air in April.

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New Amsterdam Episode Pulled Due To Flu

Remember how much we all loved Master of None? A big reason for that was series writer/producer Alan Yang who has since gone on to produce the Apple TV+ show Little America (it’s very good) and now has his first feature film. Tigertail debuts on April 9.

Seth Macfarlane, like many of us, is possibly suffering from self-isolation blues and has taken the time to produce a short audio clip with Family Guy characters Brian and Stewie recording a podcast together. It only runs about 4 mins.

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Also returning to the BBC:

If you’re looking for a show to binge, Emily van der Werff at Vox recommends taking another go at all 146 episodes of New Girl. This is something I thoroughly endorse. Episodes are streaming in the US on Netflix. Here in Australia you can find it at SBS On Demand.

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New Girl Christmas.

New York character actor Mark Blum has died at the age of 69 from Coronavirus-related issues. You’ve seen Blum in countless movies and TV shows over the years. I, coincidentally, was just reading about Blum a few days ago when I saw him appear in a season one episode of The Good Wife. I probably know him best as playing Union Bob on 30 episodes of Mozart in The Jungle.

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