A TV series based on the article Joe Exotic: A Dark Journey Into the World of a Man Gone Wild has been greenlit.

That’s right… you can effectively consider this a scripted drama version of Tiger King.

But… who could capture the likeness of Joe Exotic on screen in the most authentic way possible? To do such a thing would require one of the great actors of our time.

Starring, for the very first time in a TV series, will be none other than Nicholas Cage.

Hell. Yes.

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Yep, Nicolas Cage Is Playing Joe Exotic in a New TV Show | E! News

Jerry Seinfeld has been doing the promotional rounds for his standup special that launches on Netflix later today. It does seem that, Seinfeld repeats aside, this is the last we might see from Jerry on our screens with new material.

For example, his special might be the last one he records. Here, he tells the New York Times:

I don’t know. It feels like that to me. I like guys like Cary Grant that didn’t want to go past a certain point on film. Live is different — I’ll perform forever. But on film, there’s a point where — I don’t know. I’ll see when I get there.

And he’s told Deadline that he’s ready for a post-show business life with Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee likely done now as well.

We haven’t planned anything with that show. I feel like I did that tour… I know they look very casual and easy but they’re actually a lot of work to make, the editing is very intense and I don’t know, I feel like I may have done that exploration at this point.
Jerry Seinfeld

Michael Lesslie, the writer of TV mini-series thriller The Little Drummer Girl, is to serve as the showrunner of the new Battlestar Galactica TV show under EP Sam Esmail.

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Billy Mitchell is suing Twin Galaxies after they removed his Donkey Kong high score in 2018, claiming that he had achieved his score by using emulated software.

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Iowa Town Plans To Launch Video Game Hall of Fame And Museum

Put aside 22 minutes and watch Ethan Hawke interviewed about making Before Sunrise in a chat with TIFF following a live stream of the movie.

Now is your chance to buy the Golden Girls/Bea Arthur inspired facemasks you have been hoping for.

Taika Waititi recently directed the season finale of The Mandalorian. Having gotten his Star Wars beak wet, today he was announced as the new director of a new Star Wars movie for theatrical release. He’ll co-write alongside 1917 writer Krysty Wilson-Cairns. I’d personally been hoping for a movie announcement that Mando director Rick Famuyiwa would be directing a film. Maybe the next one.

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The documentary Room Full of Spoons was due to be released in 2017, timed with the release of the movie The Disaster Artist - a movie about the making of the Tommy Wiseau masterpiece The Room. Wiseau filed a lawsuit to prevent the films release as he was unhappy that it revealed his origins in Poland. Wiseau’s suit said the doco breached his copyright through use of clips from the movie.

The clips were considered to be fair use. Wiseau has been ordered to pay $700,000 in damages.

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