Holly Hunter has joined the cast of the new Ted Danson sitcom, produced by Tina Fey & Robert Carlock.

The series is about a wealthy businessman who runs for mayor of Los Angeles for all the wrong reasons. Once he wins he has to figure out what he stands for, gain the respect of his staff and connect with his teenage daughter, all while humanely controlling the coyote population.

Source: Broadcasting & Cable

Also, please note: Today is not Ted Danson’s birthday.

That weasel Pete Campbell is appearing on an upcoming episode of Law & Order: SVU. A reminder that it has been several years since the end of Mad Men and Hollywood still hasn’t worked out what to do with Vincent Kartheiser.

Original concept art showing off the character that Mandalorian fans have come to call Baby Yoda has been revealed. While the difference isn’t striking, it shows that originally it was expected to have much older looking facial features.

The actual Baby Yoda:

The proposed Baby Yoda:


Source: Collider

A trailer for upcoming Netflix series V-Wars, which is about a doctor pitted against his best friend when an ancient disease turns people into vampires

The next Apple TV+ series Servant will start on 28 November. Am embargo must have lifted as reviews are aplenty online today and the general consensus seems to be that it is good, but not great. The AV Club gave it a B- in its review:

Servant can be a frustrating watch, with its oddball ensemble manifesting as eerily, purposefully translucent, but it’s a compulsive one. The 30-minute episodes help—every minute feels purposeful, symbolic, or some combination of the two—and there’s a hysterical quality, both in its performances and plotting, that gives its austere, shadowy aesthetic a surprising spark.

Liam Matthews at TV Guide was very much into it:

Servant is far from perfect. It requires a ton of suspension of disbelief, does way too much mystery-wise, and may be insensitive to mothers who have lost children. But it's creepy, compulsively watchable fun, with a distinct personality. It shows that Apple is willing to make shows that are pretty dark, pretty risky, and not particularly aspirational. It's a beautiful house, but the people who live there are lunatics who hate each other.

In the world of TV show Watchmen, actor Robert Redford is the President. But, how has that impacted on Hollywood? /Film has investigated by talking to series showrunner Damon Lindeloff

After 13 years, Australian kids cartoon show Kids WB, which consisted of presenters introducing Warner Bros cartoons (primarily) is coming to an end. Channel 9 are not commenting on why.

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And finally…

The US FX network has a new adaptation of A Christmas Carol produced by Tom Hardy’s production company. So, expect this to be Dickens by way of Peaky Blinders.