Back in June of 2020, HBO launched its latest prestige drama: Perry Mason. A remake of the 50s TV show starring Raymond Burr, the series was neither true to the TV show, nor the original book series by recontextualising Mason as a private detective in the 1920s. In a ridiculous twist, he has a career pivot 2/3 of the way and becomes a man of the law.

Over two years later, the show has finally entered production on the second season. Apparently we can expect to see it on our screens in Feb 2023 (thankfully with a new creative team in place).

For most shows a 2+ year gap in production would be a bad thing, but this should be enough to give the show a really tidy reset button. It's not that the first season was bad - there was quite a lot to like about it. The problem was that the show wasn't a Perry Mason series in the way any Perry Mason series should be: about a lawyer named Perry Mason and not just some guy named Perry Mason. When the show finally got there in the end, it had some wind in its sails.

‘Perry Mason’ Season 2 Premiere Set at HBO
Matthew Rhys crime drama is back in production.
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