With the 2021 Golden Globes nominations announced, Dan and Simon rip into the weirdo choices made and question why we pay attention to these nutso awards. There's also some talk about reboots following news this week of new takes on Frasier and The Wonder Years.

Nora Unkel stops by to talk about her new film A Nightmare Wakes. It's about Frankenstein writer Mary Shelley as she deals with her own real life horrors while writing the famed book. There's also reviews of the great new Justin Timberlake film Palmer and Marvel's first TV show WandaVision

Find your way through the show this week:


  • The Golden Globes nominations
  • Frasier and The Wonder Years remakes are on the horizon. Also - what remakes do we want to see?
  • Super Bowl trailers - Falcon and The Winter Soldier, F9, Old, and more


Director Nora Unkel tells us about her new Mary Shelley film A Nightmare Wakes


  • Palmer (Apple TV+)
  • WandaVision (Disney+)