With 12 February marking the Lunar New Year, Dan and Simon have a chat with China Lion's Mick Robbins about just how important the Lunar New Year is to the year's box office takings. On this week's podcast you'll also hear Simon and Dan almost come to blows over the filmography of M Night Shyamalan, along with a bunch of film reviews and some thoughts on the raft trailers broadcast during the US Super Bowl earlier this week. Yeah - it's another very packed show.


  • Super Bowl trailers - Falcon and The Winter Soldier, F9, Old, and more (01:02)
  • The best and worst real-life movie star romances (10:45)
  • Aussies at SXSW (17:52)


Mick Robbins from film distributor China Lion on the significance of the Lunar New Year on the box office.


  • Long Story Short (33:09)
  • Clarice (36:04)
  • Another Round (42:36)
  • Synchronic (44:43)