Strap yourselves in for another Screen Watching podcast. This week hosts Dan and Simon settle into their new podcast format and emerge out of it as absolute consummate professionals to the very end. As always, there's a lot of TV and movies to discuss.


  • We've now seen the Zack Snyder Justice League trailer. Honestly - we don't know if we're excited. But we're curious.
  • Disney announces 10 European originals to launch on new streaming service Star.
  • Martin Scorsese has written a piece damning streaming services for a lack of curation.


Dan has a chat with Olivia Junkeer and Naomi Higgins about their new ABC comedy series Why Are You Like This?


  • Minari (42:25)
  • Firestarter: The Story of Bangarra (47:00)
  • For All Mankind (49:04)