There's no question that the big movie of the week is In The Heights. Simon Foster offers his thoughts on the film and we chat a bit more broadly about the failure of audiences to turn out for the well-reviewed film. We also take a look at the newest season of Bosch (but with a broader look at the series as a whole), movie Three Summers, and TV shows Tehran and Katla.

In an exciting development, we also have an interview with one of the world's most adored character actors, it's Joey Pants himself - Joe Pantoliano (The Sopranos, The Matrix, The Fugitive, Sense8, The Goonies). He chats to us about his new film From The Vine.

Reviews (06:06)

  • In The Heights (In cinemas now)
  • Bosch (Amazon Prime Video)
  • Three Summers (In cinemas now)
  • Tehran (Apple TV+)
  • Katla (Netflix)

Interview: Beloved character actor Joe Pantoliano (31:06)

The middle segment: The best five moments from the Indiana Jones movies (46:06)

What's on this week - streaming and at the cinema (56:34)

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