Girls Girls Girls

In a world filled with remakes, it is only a matter of time until we got to The Golden Girls. But thankfully that day is not upon us yet. Instead, we’re getting a live-action Powerpuff Girls TV series. The project, in development for The CW by Greg Berlanti who produces every other show for The CW, comes from writer-producers Heather Regnier and Diablo Cody.

Source: Variety

[Just a thought: If we’re getting a live-action Powerpuff Girls, couldn’t things work the other way and deliver us an animated Golden Girls TV show?]

The Powerpuff Girls

Ellen on the couch

Spencer Kornhaber at The Atlantic considers Ellen DeGeneres’ past and its impact on her as a celebrity with a desire to please everyone despite building up a wall to protect herself from what has been a rough life.

Yet if DeGeneres were simply a goody-goody, it’d be hard to imagine her having the longevity she still enjoys. Cutting the schmaltz, all along, has been an intelligent coldness. Her stand-up regards humans from a clinical distance, addressing topics that include airline food and abusive parenting with a bemused “Huh!” On her talk show, she has a tendency to needle guests with mockery, respond to their ebullience with blank stares, or hound them for personal details they’re not willing to give.

Je suis Ellen.

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It’s because Pete Davidson sucks

Jesse Hassenger asks the question: “Why isn’t Saturday Night Live making major movie stars anymore?”

It may be that the same accessibility and shareability that helps the show stay viral has also stalled its progress as a movie-star machine. In a way, any current SNL figures with designs on big movies have Samberg to blame. While he appeared in plenty of traditional sketches, the material that really got him noticed were his Digital Shorts with his Lonely Island collaborators. Though plenty of other SNL cast members appeared in these re-recorded song-segments, the Digital Shorts felt like Samberg and company’s show-within-a-show, especially when they could be shared as discrete sketches online.

I’d challenge the article somewhat and point out that major movies aren’t comedies anymore. And even Palm Springs, which Hassenger cited repeatedly throughout the article as a sign of success, still only caused a very minor cultural ripple upon its launch. Even then, it was only in the US where the film was released on Hulu. I’m not sure the film has yet received a release elsewhere.

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Andy Samburg spits a spray of beer into the air while lying on his back in Palm Springs.

TeeVee Snacks

  • Shep Smith’s new CNBC show The News with Shepard Smith debuts Sept 30.
  • Aussie game show Hot Seat has shut down production due to the stupid virus. Source: TV Tonight
  • Warner Bros are highly selective with which drive-in theatres can play Tenet. Source: Variety
  • Amy Poehler is directing a feature documentary about Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Excellent. Source: Deadline

Steven Soderbergh has a show for Quibi that debuts on September 14. It’s called Wireless and is about a young guy lost in the wilds of Colorado following a car accident. Source: Dark Horizons

Soderberghs Quibi Series Wireless First Look

Trailer Park

Cobra Kai, the sequel TV show to the 80s Karate Kid films, debuts on Netflix later this week on August 28. It was previously an original series for YouTube where it ran for two seasons. The third season will debut on Netflix in 2021.

Ridley Scott’s Raised By Wolves gets a second trailer ahead of its HBO Max Sept 3 launch. (In Australia we’ll get this on Foxtel/Binge).

The Comey Rule gets a second trailer ahead of its Sept 27 launch on Showtime (in Australia this is on streamer Stan).

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