With a fifth and likely final Indiana Jones film set for release next year, Disney is looking for ways to continue the franchise. Reportedly, they are taking meetings now with writers to find a way to continue Indiana Jones as a TV series for Disney+.

Talks are still very early in and while it is being considered as a series, it could well become a movie as talks develop. Or even a cross-platform mix of movies and a TV show.

Thinking about the potential for an Indiana Jones show just brings back memories of countless efforts to try watching The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and never getting past the first few episodes...

Indiana Jones TV Series Eyed for Disney+ (EXCLUSIVE)
Disney is actively looking to develop an Indiana Jones TV show for Disney+, Variety has learned exclusively from sources. The Mouse House and Lucasfilm have specifically been bringing up the possib…

Andor resources

Being that it is Thursday, I am basking in a post-Andor glow this morning after this week's episode.

Matt Patches at Polygon has an oral history of the recent prison arc on the show and what went into the development of it. He chats with writer Beau Willimon, producer Sanne Wohlenberg, and production VFX producer TJ Falls about bringing the prison to screen.

We actually talked about toilets. We had to ask questions sometimes, like, “Are you allowed to show a toilet in Star Wars?”
The making of Andor’s horrifying Star Wars prison
A mini oral history reveals what went into “One Way Out”

Meanwhile production designer Luke Hull and costume designer Michael Wilkinson are interviewed by Andrew Webster at The Verge about their approach to Andor, which was like making a period drama, apparently.

I didn’t want any scene to feel like you stepped into a piece of concept art,” Hull explains. “It’s not about showing off. It’s not about being Star Wars. It’s about being subtle and more nuanced than that. And I think that is what makes this show very interesting.”

You can read that interview at The Verge.

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  • As both The Good Fight and Atlanta finish up on Thursday, each will do so with a surrealist take on America. Related: Last week's episode of The Good Fight was a hoot with the show's recurring tech billionaire character Neil Gross announcing his desire to buy the Democratic Party. Read: NYT

Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio debuts on Netflix Dec 9.

Blood & Water returns for season 3 on Netflix Nov 25.

And that's it for today. Tomorrow yields a sweet, sweet Friday.