Start the day with this great-looking trailer for the Apple TV+ series For All Mankind. It’s the first extended look at the show we’ve had and it looks promising. The series is an alternative history that supposes that America never slowed down its space program.

The start of the US network TV season

Just a heads-up: Each week Always Be Watching puts out an email at the end of the week with details of new and returning shows that have launched that week in the US/AUS/UK. It is designed to give you some viewing options over the weekend - you’ll also never be able to say that you didn’t realise a show had come back.

This week mark’s the start of the US network TV season. There are SO MANY new and returning shows this week. The ABW newsletter due at 4pm this afternoon (Sydney time) is PACKED. So, put aside some time to go through it.

The feature film spin-off from Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries will debut in Feb 2020. A teaser trailer for Miss Fisher & The Crypt of Tears suggests that the film is very much a for-the-fans only feature.

Christine Baranski and Cynthia Nixon will star in the upcoming HBO drama from Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes.

The Gilded Age, which was originally ordered at NBC before moving to HBO earlier this year, follows New York City millionaires in the 1880s. Baranski has been cast as Agnes van Rhijn, a stubborn aristocrat who refuses to accept that the world has changed. The role will not interfere with Baranski's work on The Good Wife.

Source: TV Guide

<p>Christine Baranski, Cynthia Nixon </p>

I was assembling the weekly Always be Watching weekend TV guide (published at 4pm today) and was looking for some trailers from YouTube when one finished and this Friends blooper reel started autoplaying. It isn’t something I’d have ever thought to press play on, but it’s got some genuine laugh-out-loud moments. Find 15 minutes in your day for it.

And finally…

The history of American cinema from Kevin McCalister to Steve Stifler. As told by The Ringer as part of its series on the movie comedies of the 90s. It’s actually a really smart, entertaining read that completely contextualises how Hollywood movies were changed so dramatically by the success of Home Alone and how it led to the eventual reclamation of teen sex comedies at the end of the decade,

This paragraph completely captures my life from age 10 to age 19:

For a generation of kids, American Pie was the end of a strange journey. They began the ’90s rooting for a little boy who had to defend his house and ended it by watching a high school senior have sex with an apple pie. As the pop-punk band who made a cameo in the movie so aptly put it, I guess this is growing up.

Source: The Ringer

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