Don’t let the new name fool you. This is just Bosch season 8, only with a bit of retooling. Amazon Prime Video cancelled Bosch and relaunched just a year later. Was this for creative reasons? Not really - but it sure does help Amazon save some money by not buying back the rights to the show in international territories.

Chances are that by now you are across Bosch. It is easily one of Prime Video's most successful shows. With good reason too - for seven seasons it proved itself as a good quality, reliable cop drama. It was always a welcome sight to see a new season of Bosch debut each year.

So, with the revamped show, what is the new setup for the show? To be honest, not a lot is different.

Detective Bosch is no longer with the LAPD. He’s now out on his own taking on work as a private detective. Meanwhile his daughter Maddie has joined the force and is out on the streets for the very first time as a uniformed cop.

While I really don’t care for the new name of the show, and I care even less for the new opening theme, it does match the show’s new remit. Maddie Bosch is applying the life lessons and moral guidance taught to her by her father and employing them at work. The legacy of Harry Bosch continues to be felt on the streets of Los Angeles, even if he is now working elsewhere.

Gone from the show is much of the supporting cast. The only familiar face being Mimi Rogers as lawyer Honey Chandler who has been upgraded from an occasional recurring character to now being permanent. But don’t think you won’t be seeing former Bosch members pop up on the new show.

The main plot for the new season concerns a dying billionaire played by William Devane and a search for his possible heir. It is very much a typical private detective plot, but much like the rest of Bosch, that’s kind of the point. In a world of far-too-fast-paced TV cop dramas, Bosch has proven to be a respite from that loudness. This is a stripped back, gently-paced, softly-spoken TV cop drama. And a very good one, at that.

Bosch: Legacy is streaming now via Amazon Prime Video