There are five of the smartest people in the world who form a secret cabal. They are called the Pentaverate. Their agenda is to influence the course of human history. The unexpected twist is that they are all good people who are trying to do the right thing. This is the premise of the new Mike Myers comedy for Netflix. He stars in the show as every member of the Pentavorate, as well as a man on the street TV news presenter from Canada.

The first episode introduces us to the Pentaverate through the eyes of its newest member, a scientist kidnapped by the Pentaverate played by Keegan Michael Key. The Pentaverate want Key’s character, Dr Clark, to solve global warming. Meanwhile in Canada, Canadian reporter Ken Scarborough is at the end of his career and it isn’t by choice. He believes he needs just one big story to keep his job and after finding out about the Pentaverate at Can Con Con, which as we all know is the annual Canadian Conspiracy Convention, he sets out to break the story by heading to New York with his camera person in tow. She’s played by Years and Years breakout star Lydia West, who may or may not be the new Doctor Who.

As I was a 12 year old boy when Wayne’s World came out, I will forever have a warm place for Mike Myers in my heart. The question for me watching The Pentaverate was whether or not Myers still has the funny. After The Love Guru, I wasn’t quite so sure. But, y’know what - I think he just hit a rough patch. He had a great run in the 90s with the Waynes World films, So I Married An Axe Murderer (a film which references The Pentaverate), Mystery Alaska, and the first two Austin Powers films. It was just that the next decade wasn’t so kind to him. The Cat in The Hat, The Love Guru, the third Austin Powers, all those fucking Shrek films. But since then he has been doing some smaller character roles in random films, produced a doco about producer Shep Gordon (who features as a character in The Pentaverate), and had something to do with the Gong Show revival hosted by some fellow named Tommy Maitland. It’s time for him to get off the mat and back on the screen more regularly. The Pentaverate was a reminder how much I miss Mike Myers on my screen.

This is a show with a lot of old gags- Canadians are super polite, word play with naughty language, and so many dick jokes. But they all work for the most part. This is warm bath comedy and very much welcomed on my TV this week.

The Pentaverate is streaming now on Netflix