Dahmer may be heating up the screens right now, but true television fans know that if you want to follow a series with a mass murdering serial killer, Murder She Wrote featured the most prolific. Jessica Fletcher was never brought to justice.

Series star, Angela Lansbury, was never as heinous as the character she portrayed on TV. So, it is with sadness that today we mark the passing of the 96 year-old star of stage and screen.

She was an absolute smokeshow as a movie star back in the day, prior to embracing a lengthy career on stage. It was her TV role as Fletcher that made her a globally beloved superstar, however.

At the age of 59 she was cast in Murder She Wrote, starring in that show for 12 seasons plus some TV movies. She was oft-Emmy Awards nominated, but never took home the trophy. Jokes on the Emmys: her show is still widely watched to this day and Jessica Fletcher will long be remembered in a way that none of those Emmy Award winning actors ever will be.

“I couldn’t imagine I would ever want to do television,” Lansbury said in a 1985 interview with The New York Times. “But the year 1983 rolled around and Broadway was not forthcoming, so I took a part in a miniseries, Gertrude Whitney in Little Gloria, Happy at Last [a dramatization of Gloria Vanderbilt‘s childhood].

“And then [there was] a slew of roles in miniseries, and I began to sense that the television audience was very receptive to me, and I decided I should stop flirting and shut the door or say to my agents, ‘I’m ready to think series.’ ”

The late, great Bea Arthur was a great friend of Lansbury and regularly spoke of Angela Lansbury's dirty mouth and impolite sense of humor. By all accounts, Lansbury was one of the great dames.

Angela Lansbury, Entrancing Star of Stage and Screen, Dies at 96
She played Mame and won five Tony Awards, received an honorary Oscar and starred for 12 seasons as Jessica Fletcher on ‘Murder, She Wrote.’

Tasty MIPCOM treats

International television sales event MIPCOM is currently underway. And so with that comes the wheeling and dealing that yields TV acquisitons for networks globally. THR has this solid list of what it deems to be the most interesting shows up for grabs this year. Japanese show Drops of God has my interest.

MIPCOM: Upcoming Series From Natasha Lyonne, Emily Blunt, Tim Roth and Rian Johnson Heat Up the Annual TV Market
An eco-thriller, a sci-fi whodunit and a Japanese true-crime drama are just a few of the projects looking to land global sales deals in Cannes.
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That is Wednesday taken care of. Stay safe, friends and always check that milk expiration date.