Those lovable scamps from the Nine Nine are soon-to-be unemployed

Brooklyn Nine Nine will end its run with an 8th and final season. It’ll be just ten episodes.

Here’s series showrunner Dan Goor:

“When Mike Schur and I first pitched the pilot episode to Andy, he said, ‘I’m in, but I think the only way to tell this story is over exactly 153 episodes,’ which was crazy because that was exactly the number Mike and I had envisioned.

“I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with this amazing cast and crew for eight seasons. They are not only among the most talented people in the business, they are all good human beings who have become a family. But most of all, I feel lucky that we have had the best fans in the world. Fans who literally saved us from cancellation. Fans who fill us with joy. Ending the show was a difficult decision, but ultimately, we felt it was the best way to honor the characters, the story and our viewers. I know some people will be disappointed it’s ending so soon, but honestly, I’m grateful it lasted this long. Title of my sex tape,” he added.

Brooklyn Nine Nine found itself in an awkward cultural position. It long wore its sensitivity to social political issues on its sleeve, but during last years BLM protests it became a cultural focal point of criticism for positive police portrayals in the media. The show promised to address these issues when it came back, but the pandemic has kept the show on hiatus.

While the show wasn’t cancelled because of these concerns, it does feel like the enthusiasm has seeped out of the show as a result.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Season 7

Get ready for True Lies on a weekly basis

It’s finally happening - a True Lies TV show. Based on James Cameron’s film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee-Curtis, and Eliza Dushku, a new version is being prepped for the screen. CBS has given a pilot order for the show, which is being written by Burn Notice’s Matt Nix and directed by McG. James Cameron will produce.

Bringing True Lies to television has been a longtime passion for McG. He started pursuing the idea in 2016, shortly after he signed an overall deal with 20th TV, whose sister feature studio produced the movie. The following year, a TV series reboot with Marc Guggenheim as a writer sold to Fox with a put pilot commitment. It did not go beyond the script stage but McG continued his efforts. In a 2019 interview, he indicated that a True Lies TV series could still happen, possibly at Disney+.

Just a thought: How many CBS shows are being commissioned from this point going forward with the knowledge that they’re also going to be packaged as shows for Paramount+?

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Mandalorian actor fired for Insta-posting dumb sh*t

Gina Carano has lost not just her TV show The Mandalorian, where she recurred as soldier Cara Dune, but also her representation at agency UTA. And why? Some trivial issue like posting to Instagram that “a Republican today is like being Jewish during the Holocaust.”

Wait, she said what?

Hopefully Carano will take her newfound spare time to at least do a bit of Wikipedia reading up on what happened during the Holocaust. I reckon she might be surprised to find out that neither of those two things are actually alike.

One wonders how The Mandalorian will continue on without the strength of her acting chops.

Source: THR

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Fan reaction to the Carano firing is likely not what Carano may have hoped for

There is, of course, a culture wars reaction to this. While fan response has been almost uniformly positive, there is a right wing #CancelDisneyPlus hashtag doing the rounds with folks supposedly cancelling their accounts in protest. Do these people know that not only will they not know how WandaVision ends, but they will also miss out on The Muppets and the military-friendly Falcon and The Winter Soldier in a few weeks?

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Pedro is The Last of Us

Meanwhile, Mando “star” Pedro Pascal will be the lead in the new TV series based on the Playstation game The Last of Us. He will play Joel opposite Bella Ramsey in the role of Ellie. For those of you unfamiliar with the game - Joel is tasked to transport a teenage girl across the country in the midst of a zombie outbreak. She’s carrying the cure to the zombie disease. It is not a comedy.

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Pugh alert

At Always Be Watching HQ there is great affection for Florence Pugh. In just 18 months she dominated the screen in the films Midsommar and Little Woman, she was just incredible in the limited series Little Drummer Girl (based on the Le Carre book), and she was an absolute delight in the very watchable and silly Father Of The Bride lockdown YouTube special.

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So when you tell me that she has a new Apple TV+ show in development (but yet to get a green light), you have my attention. The plot for Dolly is pure catnip for me too:

The film is a sci-fi courtroom drama in which a robotic “companion doll” kills its owner and then shocks the world by claiming that she is not guilty and asking for a lawyer. The film, which is inspired by Elizabeth Bear’s short story of the same name, has elements of both classic courtroom drama and sci-fi.

Take my money!!!!

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10 years of Friday

It was just ten years ago that Rebecca Black autotuned her way into our hearts with the song Friday. It was the 43rd video ever to pass 100 million views on YouTube (taking a little over two months to get there) all the way back in 2011.

To mark the occasion, Black has remixed the song to be unlistenable with a meme-filled music video. I’m posting this ahead of my own plans to be kickin' in the front seat and sittin' in the back seat.

TeeVee Snacks

  • RIP dodgy pirate streaming service Mobdro. Read: Reddit
  • Claire Danes will replace Keira Knightley in the Apple TV+ series The Essex Serpent. Read: TV Insider
  • Anthony Head, former Buffy co-star, appeared on UK TV to promote a new show. Asked about Charisma Carpenter’s allegations, Head said that he didn’t know about the issues and has been asking himself “What did I miss?”. Watch it from 4:01: YouTube
  • Netflix has a documentary in the works about GameStop from Liz Garbus and Dan Cogan. Is anyone still interested in this? Read: Deadline
  • HBO Max will launch across 39 territories in Latin America this June. Read: thefutoncritic
  • Tubi has added 80 more US local news live streams. This is what the future of TV news looks like. Read: Deadline
  • The latest TV adaptation of The Stand ends today with a final episode written by Stephen King that has (yet another) new ending written for the story. Eric Vespe at Polygon says it is the best version. Read: Polygon
Flagg and Frannie stand up close to each other in a forest in The Stand finale on CBS All Access

Trailer Park

New HBO series Generation debuts March 11. But is it actually named “Genera+ion”? If so… that’s a bit dumb.

genera+ion follows a group of high school students whose exploration of modern sexuality (devices and all) tests deeply entrenched beliefs about life, love and the nature of family in their conservative community.

Wipeout returns to US TV on April 1.

Paradise PD returns to Netflix for season 3 on March 12.

March 26 is the debut of La Templanza on Amazon Prime Video.

Based on the novel by Maria Dueñas, author of El tiempo entre costuras, "La Templanza" is a series set at the end of the 19th century in which the story of Mauro Larrea and Soledad Montalvo, a self-made man and woman, is told. The same whose destinies are about to converge in a fascinating place and time.

Waffles + Mochi debuts on Netflix on March 16. This is not the early 90s buddy cop drama I had anticipated based on the name alone.

Waffles and Mochi embark on a global food expedition in order to become chefs. With the help of Mrs. Obama, Waffles and Mochi travel the world, learning all they can about different foods and cultures!

What’s next? Tomorrow.