You haven’t seen the last of Claire Foy on The Crown. Viewers of the series know that the show isn’t afraid of the occasional flashback. Foy has been seen on set recently in costume, which suggests there’ll be a few scenes for Foy yet in the show. Expect these in the upcoming fourth season.

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Claire Foy Returning To The Crown

The true multi-hyphenate author-TV presenter-TV critic Clive James has died during the week at the age of 80. His passing was only announced overnight, with the funeral held on Wednesday.

Australia’s ABC has a great obituary that covers his life with his successes and tragedies.

In 1972, The Observer newspaper hired James to write a weekly column of humorous and scathing television reviews, which ran for ten years.

It was during this time that James first appeared before the cameras, gradually becoming a renowned television presenter while also writing and hosting numerous TV series and specials.

These included Clive James on Television, Fame in the 20th Century and the pioneering travel program series, Postcards From ... .

He is also credited with bringing Japanese reality TV to British audiences in presenting a selection of hilarious clips of Japanese game show contestants half killing themselves in the name of entertainment.

James retired from television in 2001 to focus on his writing, and began presenting a weekly BBC Radio 4 broadcast, A Point of View.

Source: ABC

Clive James awarded Australia Day medal

I’m not 100% sure if there will be an Always Be Watching podcast this week…

But, I do know that if you’re looking for something similar to listen to, ABW subscriber Sam Robinson has his podcast What Shall We Do About…? which this week features guest Mark Humphries solving some of the world’s problems with him. I understand there’s some chatter about his previous show Pointless.

Listen: What Shall We Do About…?

Netflix’s Mystery Science Theatre 3000 reboot has been cancelled.

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Australian broadcaster Channel Seven has been on a cancellation spree this past week. Gone today are its weekend lifestyle entertainment shows that used to air in the afternoons: Sydney Weekender, SA Weekender, The Great Weekend, Queensland Weekender, The Great Day Out and Creek to Coast.

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And finally…

Critics have been surprisingly enthused about the new Harley Quinn animated series starting this week on DC Universe.

Caroline Framke from Variety:

The animation feels like that of a typical Saturday morning cartoon, but its acidic scripts and shocking bursts of gore reminds you that “Harley Quinn” is taking full advantage of airing on a streaming service without censors. The stories of Batman and his assorted enemies have been told over and over again with no end in sight, but the Gotham of “Harley Quinn” feels like it belongs in the “Archer” universe rather than the films’ resolutely grim one.

Source: Variety