RIP Frasier

News today that sitcom legend Kelsey Grammer and former The Shadow star Alec Baldwin will co-star in a new sitcom from Christopher Lloyd (Modern Family, Frasier) and Vali Chandrasekaran.

The series is about three guys who were roommates in their 20s until their warring egos drove them apart who reunite decades later for one more run at the lives they’ve always wanted.

Presumably there’s a third guy yet to be cast.

With Kelsey Grammer signing on for a new sitcom, that almost certainly means his plans to bring Frasier Crane back to television are done for. Last year there had been efforts made to find a new take on the character which started out in Cheers before being spun-off into his own series. While I’m not the biggest fan of the Frasier series, I like the character and Grammer - I’d have liked to see where the third incarnation would take him.

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The Internet is forever… unless you’re Unus Annus

One year ago YouTubers Mark “Markiplier” Fischbach (a big deal on YouTube with 27.5 million subscribers) and Ethan “Crankgameplays” Nestor (less of a big deal, but still with a significant 1.8 million subscribers) launched a new YouTube channel. Every day the two would upload a new video which would have them doing things like cooking with sex toys or drinking each others filtered pee.

But there was a gimmick with this channel - it had a time limit.

Fischbach and Nestor announced at the start of the project that after exactly one year they would delete the channel. And that is exactly what they did this week in a livestream.

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Gaming YouTuber Markiplier looks at the camera.

Gretchen Mol is back for American Gigolo

Gretchen Mol, an actress who I absolutely love, is set to co-star in a new continuation of the Richard Gere film American Gigolo. She’ll appear opposite Jon Bernthal. The series is being made for Showtime.

The series picks up with Julian 18 years after he’s been arrested for murder, struggling to find his footing in the modern-day Los Angeles sex industry, while seeking the truth about the set-up that sent him to prison all those years ago and also hoping to reconnect with Michelle, his one true love.

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Holiday before tomorrow’s holiday

Tomorrow Disney+ will debut the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special. It will debut exactly 42 years after the Star Wars Holiday Special was broadcast on Nov 17, 1978.

Before you watch that, why not sit down with the original and watch it the way fans have enjoyed it for decades: By struggling with the video quality of the poor dub, getting through about ten minutes of Chewbacca, his son Lumpy, and other wookiee’s growling at each other, then fast forward until you reach Bea Arthur and her musical number.

TeeVee Snacks

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