RIP NCIS: New Orleans

Today in NCIS news the youngest of the NCIS series, NCIS: New Orleans, will end after its 7th season. Yesterday there was talk of the flagship show being cancelled to make way for the new NCIS: Hawaii, but it looks like NOLA is the one being given the chop.

It’ll end on May 16 with 155 episodes in the can.

Read: Variety

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Also ending is CBS sitcom Mom. The Alison Janney comedy will finish up with its eighth season. It’ll end on May 6.

Read: Deadline

Donald Glover signs with Amazon

The Atlanta star has signed a multi-year, eight-figure deal over at Amazon. In addition to starring in Amazon’s Mr & Mrs Smith series (announced earlier in the week), Glover will produce other projects. His brother Stephen Glover has also signed a deal.

One of the projects mooted is a series called Hive, which is about a Beyonce-like figure. The show is from Janine Nabers (Watchmen, Away), with Malia Obama reportedly recruited to work on it. There’s no question that Obama got the opportunity through years of hard work.

If Glover wants to keep making Atlanta for FX, there’s reportedly a provision in the deal that allows for that. The third and fourth series will film back-to-back starting in March.

One assumes this rules out Donald Glover as starring in Disney+’s Lando series.

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Good news famous singles: The Celebrity Dating Game is on its way

Sometimes you hear about casting for a show and you just know that it is more the result of a dare rather than a considered decision. Zooey Deschanel will be teamed up with Michael Bolton to host a celebrity-driven version of The Dating Game.

Offering a spin on the classic dating show, the celebrity guests will remain a mystery as one lucky suitor is chosen from a hidden panel of three bachelors and/or bachelorettes based on their answers to the celebrity’s questions. Suitors will have the opportunity to guess the secret identity based on clues, questions and special parody performances by host Bolton.

Read: Deadline

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TeeVee Snacks

  • NBC Universal’s reality TV streamer Hayu will continue its global roll-out with 11 European countries to be added. Read: C21
  • Australian cinema chain Event Cinemas will launch a VOD service with 1000 titles - Cinebuzz on Demand. It’s point of difference against other paid video on demand services is that each rental will give users points on their CInebuzz rewards club membership, which can then be used on movie tickets. Read: iF
  • Famed comedy organization Second City has been bought by a private equity group. Read: NYT
  • CBS are working on yet another spin-off to FBI. This one will be set in international FBI offices and will be called… wait for it… FBI: International. Read: Variety
  • Bad Robot is developing (yet another) reboot of Constantine. This will be for HBO Max. Guy Bolton is writing, with a “diverse” actor to be cast as the lead. Read: Deadline | Variety report that this reboot will tie into HBO Max’s Justice League Dark series. Read: Variety
  • The BBC are launching (yet another) streaming service in North America. BBC Select will stream non-fiction series. As opposed to its co-owned BritBox which does scripted. Read: Variety
  • Creepshow has been renewed for a third season on horror streamer Shudder. Read: Deadline

Apple TV+ comes to Chromecast with Google TV

Streaming service Apple TV+ will be available globally on the new Chromecast with Google TV hardware. This provides Chromecast with Google TV users the ability to now stream shows like Dickinson, The Morning Show, For All Mankind, and Ted Lasso.

This is great news - to my mind the Chromecast with Google TV is THE streaming device to buy these days in that it runs smoothly, offers 4k, has a comfortable-feeling remote control, and is relatively inexpensive. I’m also a big fan of the Apple TV device (not to be confused with the streaming service), but at approx 3x the price and with an awkward remote control, it’s now harder to justify the benefits of the device (which is that the hardware is a bit more robust with a faster processor).

Mario returns to the greens

Mario is back on the golf course with Nintendo announcing Mario Golf: Super Rush. But don’t mistake this for Mario retiring - he’ll be back in the Mushroom Kingdom rescuing a kidnapped Princess real soon. This is, of course, a modern update on 1987’s Mario Golf game. It’s a game that a lot of Nintendo fans don’t talk much about (following those scurrilous accusations made by Mario’s caddy).

Happy 20th All Your Base

In massive online dork news, anyone who spent a lot of time online in the early 00s will be very familiar with the All Your Base Are Belong To Us online phenomenon. It was a dumb Internet joke then and it feels like an even dumber Internet joke now. But do know that this week marks its 20th anniversary.

Read: The Verge

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Trailer Park

Mortal Kombat debuts on HBO Max (and in cinemas) on April 16.

MMA fighter Cole Young (Lewis Tan) is unaware of his heritage - or why Outworld’s Emperor seeks to hunt him down. Cole finds sanctuary under Lord Raiden (Tadanobu Asano) and prepares to stand with Earth’s greatest champions against the enemies of Outworld in a high-stakes battle for the universe. Will Cole be able to unleash his arcana in time to stop the Outworld once and for all?

WandaVision takes its cues from Modern Family this week.

Famicon Detective Club games will debut on Nintendo Switch on May 14.

What’s next? Tomorrow.