Yesterday there were reports of OnlyFans launching a clean streaming service built around all of the non-NSFW content found on the platform. Today the larger picture is clearer. OnlyFans is cleaning up its act almost entirely. It seems that it was difficult to get investment from bankers running a website that traffics largely in pornographic material.

Starting in October, the company will prohibit creators from posting material with sexually explicit conduct on its website, which many sex workers use to sell fans explicit content. They’ll still be allowed to put up nude photos and videos, provided they’re consistent with OnlyFans’ policy, the company said Thursday.

What does this mean? There's not a lot of clarity on what is and isn't allowed. But people on the Internet are pretty upset about this. There have been very few successful Internet media companies that have radically pivoted away from what they were successful for and still maintained success.

Expect OnlyFans jokes to soon go the way of MySpace and AskJeeves jokes - references to an Internet that once was.

OnlyFans to Bar Sexually Explicit Videos Starting in October
OnlyFans is getting out of the pornography business.

Freaks & Geeks actor Jerry Messing has COVID and is on a ventilator

Jerry Messing may not have been a regular on Freaks & Geeks, but he was memorable in the handful of times he appeared on the show.

We're told Jerry tested positive for COVID-19 and he was immediately placed on a ventilator. James says nobody is allowed to visit Jerry right now as he's struggling to survive.
‘Fedora Guy’ Jerry Messing on Ventilator with COVID-19
Jerry Messing, an actor known as the face of the famous “Fedora Guy” meme, has COVID and is fighting for his life in Florida.

TeeVee Snacks

  • Fox News has mandated that staff upload their vaccination status into the company's HR portal. Read: NBC News
  • Hank Azaria will play Apple CEO Tim Cook in the SHowtime series about Uber Super Pumped. Read: Variety
  • Peter Gallagher is joining the cast of Grey's Anatomy. Read: Deadline
  • Never Have I Ever will return for a third season on Netflix. Read: The AV Club
  • Aussie drama The Unusual Suspects has been acquired by Hulu for US distribution. Read: Variety
  • An agreement has been reached between Starz and Disney to allow the use of the Star brand for the launch of Disney's new streaming service Star+ in Latin America. Read: Variety
  • Sony shut down its VR studio after 5 years in development. Read: Polygon
  • RIP martial arts legend Sonny Chiba. Read: The AV Club
  • Amazon Prime Video has acquired the upcoming BBC2 football documentary series Fever Pitch! The Rise Of The Premier League for Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Read: TBI
  • Roku will make more episodes of the former Quibi Original series Reno 911. Read: Variety
  • On Tuesday night Fox News comedy show Gutfeld! was the highest rated late night chat show on TV, passing current leader Stephen Colbert. FYI, guests on Colbert that night were CNN's Clarissa Ward, Amanda Peet, and journalist Roger Bennett. Read: The Wrap

Trailer Park

Foundation debuts on Apple TV Sept 24.

The fate of an entire galaxy rests on the beliefs of Dr. Hari Seldon (Jared Harris). Will his conviction save humanity or doom it? Based on the award-winning novels by Isaac Asimov, Foundation chronicles a band of exiles on their monumental journey to save humanity and rebuild civilization amid the fall of the Galactic Empire

The Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission To Space event starts on Netflix Sept 6.

This September, we're taking the next epic leap forward into space exploration. 4 civilians. Orbiting earth. On their own. Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space is a documentary series that will cover the events in near real-time, airing in five parts leading up to and after the mission, only on Netflix.

The Hand of God debuts on Netflix and in cinemas later this year.

From Academy Award-winning writer and director Paolo Sorrentino, comes the story of a boy, Fabietto Schisa, in the tumultuous Naples of the 1980s.

What? A second Netflix animated show based on Masters of The Universe? This one is more He-Man-centric. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe debuts Sept 16.

Blood Brothers debuts on Netflix Sept 9.

From a chance meeting to a tragic fallout, Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali's extraordinary bond cracks under the weight of distrust and shifting ideals.

Nightbooks debuts on Netflix Sept 15.

Alex (Winslow Fegley) is a creative boy with a strong passion for writing scary stories. But when he’s labeled weird and rejected for what he likes, he swears he’ll never write again. That’s when an evil witch (Krysten Ritter), captures him in her magical apartment in New York City and demands that he tell her a new tale every night if he wants to stay alive.

Do, Re, & Mi debuts on Amazon Prime Video Sept 17.

Do, Re & Mi is an Amazon Original animated series for preschoolers that centers on the musical adventures of three best birdie buddies - voiced by Kristen Bell, Jackie Tohn, and Luke Youngblood.

Frogger debuts Sept 9 on Peacock.

BMF debuts on Starz Sept 26.

Adventure Time - Distant Lands: Wizard City debuts Sept 2 on HBO Max.

Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian returns to Disney+ for a special on August 25 with a deep dive on filming the second season finale.

The Voyeurs debuts Sept 10 on Amazon Prime Video.

The Pen15 animated special debuts August 27 on Hulu.

Yellowstone returns for season 4 on Nov 7 on Paramount Network. (FYI, it'll debut at the same time in Australia on Stan).

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