Peacock has cancelled the Saved By The Bell reboot after two seasons. While the show was predominantly about a new generation of students, actors from the original show were also series regulars.

I could never work out who this show was for. If it is modern kids, why would they want to watch so much of the show about Jessie and AC Slater? But if it was for adult fans of the original, why was the show so juvenile? Trying to exist in that middle zone means making a show that doesn't really talk to an audience at all.

‘Saved by the Bell’ Canceled at Peacock After Two Seasons
The “Saved by the Bell” revival at Peacock has been canceled. The show aired two seasons at the streamer, with the most recent one debuting in November 2021. The first season premiered …

Urkel wanted to fight the mom on Family Matters

JoMarie Payton was the mother in the sitcom Family Matters. She has given a wonderfully angry interview to Entertainment Tonight. Among the many outrageous things she talks about is that time that Jaleel White, AKA Urkel, tried to fight her on set.

"There was one time he actually wanted to physically fight me," Payton noted, recalling the season 9 episode, "Original Gangsta Dawg," in which White also played Steve's "gangster" cousin, OGD. "[There was a scene where] I said we can't do that, standards and practices will not let that pass, it's not gonna happen. He wanted to do it anyway... He was so mad, he started kicking and screaming and stuff."
JoMarie Payton Recalls Feuding With Jaleel White on ‘Family Matters’
The actress is one of ET’s ‘Iconic TV Moms’ -- and it turns out, she was a mama bear on set as well!

Failed Murder She Wrote spin-offs

How many hours a week do you spend thinking about Murder She Wrote? If you're anything like me, the answer is: a lot. But, let's not embarrass ourselves with a number, let us instead revel in the idea of what could have been. Let us ponder the failed efforts to create a spin-off series. Thanks to this fellow on YouTube, we can all dream a little of a better world.

  • Disney+ isn't available in Pakistan (yet), so when Ms Marvel debuts, a series featuring the first Pakistani superhero, it will be in cinemas there. Read: Indiewire
  • Investors are suing Netflix for being overly optimistic ahead of reporting some pretty lousy numbers recently. Read: THR
  • A Prince of Tides TV series is in development at Apple TV+. I guess all established IP is valuable... Read: THR
  • HBO Max's Julia has been renewed for a second season. Read: thefutoncritic
  • Hmmm. What DOES Baby Yoda smell like? Read: Polygon
  • The BBC has a three-part docuseries called The Elon Musk Show on the way. Christ. Read: Deadline
  • The Larkins has been renewed for season 2 by ITV. Read: TV Wise
  • America's favorite late night show Gutfeld! has a new set. Read: Adweek

Stay hidden! Obi-Wan Kenobi debuts May 27 on Disney+. I just want to see what happens after this show. Must be a pretty rough decade to start looking that much older by the time the first movie starts...

Borgen: Power and Glory debuts on Netflix June 2.

Uncoupled debuts on Netflux July 29.

Love & Anarchy season 2 debuts on Netflix June 16.

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