The truth remains out there. I guess.

The Nick Frost-led series Truth Seekers has been cancelled by Amazon.

Truth Seekers has not been renewed, which is a massive kick in the willy for me We really put our all into this – our heart and soul, and blood in some cases — so to not come back is really sad for us. It’s a shame. I think we had lots of lovely ghost stories to tell, stories that will remain untold. If you liked the show, thank you. I really, really appreciate your support. And if you didn’t, well, are you happy now? Happy now?”

I’ll admit to never having seen this, with my supernatural comedy time investments already engaged elsewhere with Wellington Paranormal and What We Do In The Shadows.

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Truth Seekers Cancelled - Season 2

You’re not the boss of me

Curious to know who sang the Malcolm In The Middle-inspired theme song used in WandaVision this week? It was Kathleen Hanna of Le Tigre / Bikini Kill.

TeeVee Snacks

  • When it rains it pours - more Angel and Buffy cast members have come out against mankind’s greatest monster Joss Whedon. Read: Dark Horizons
  • The Amazing Race Australia host Beau Ryan did the one thing you should never do as the host of a TV show: he revealed his salary. $800k, apparently. Read: TV Tonight
  • Australia’s ABC has outlined new diversity and inclusion measures. Read: iF
  • Fox is developing an animated series based on the board game Clue. This makes way more sense than most stories we hear about board games being adapted into series. Read: TV Line
  • Based on current growth, it is estimated that Disney+ will pass Netflix in subscriber numbers by 2026. Read: TBI
  • Oprah will interview podcast hosts Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on a CBS special on March 7. Read: TV Insider

Welcome To The Railworld Japan

I quite like Japan and I was really impressed by the rail system and how it is used to connect the entire country. So, a TV series hosted by Crazy Rich Asians Henry Golding with the actor travelling across the country by train looking at stuff? Yes please. Welcome To The Railworld Japan was a 10-episode collaboration between 8TV Malaysia and Nippon Television which actually started airing back in 2015. The show has just started running on Ovation TV’s Journy in the US, which has brought it back to consciousness.

Here’s episode one streaming on YouTube.

Read more about it: The AV Club

And if you’re one of the TV programmers who read this email (and I know there are a few of you out there), you can license the show here: Portfolio Entertainment

Watch this TV commercial after midnight

For All Mankind gets a companion podcast - Apple misses the point

Along with the second season launch of the rather good For All Mankind, Apple are launching a companion podcast that will explore the real world experiences of those who have been into space. But… the joy of watching For All Mankind isn’t in seeing real life space missions - it’s about the timeline divergence that exists following Russia beating the US to space. In other words - the joy of the show is about seeing space travel as it gets further and further away from what actually happened.

Krys Marshall, who plays Commander Danielle Poole in the series, will host the show, which will see her discuss what really goes down beyond our atmosphere and include interviews with guests from the series, space experts, and former astronauts — plus never-before-heard audio that shows how astronauts achieve the impossible.

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Trailer Park

Fisk debuts 17 March on Australia’s ABC.

Helen (Kitty Flanagan) is a contracts lawyer who is not good with people. When her personal and professional lives implode spectacularly in Sydney, Helen runs home to Melbourne and takes a job at Gruber & Gruber, a small suburban law firm.

The Lost Pirate Kingdom debuts March 15 on Netflix.

The real-life pirates of the Caribbean violently plunder the world's riches and form a surprisingly egalitarian republic in this documentary series.

Biggie: I Got a Story To Tell debuts March 1 on Netflix.

Every legend has an origin story. Christopher Wallace, AKA The Notorious B.I.G., remains one of Hip-Hop's icons, renowned for his distinctive flow and autobiographical lyrics. This documentary celebrates his life via rare behind-the-scenes footage and the testimonies of his closest friends and family.

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