Netflix shows V-Wars and October Faction… cancelled.

But Netflix series Locke & Key will see a second season.

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New Apple TV+ show Trying debuts on May 1. It’s a comedy about a couple working to overcome infertility issues.

The Good Fight returns on April 9. The entire season is yet to be filmed, with production halted due to the stupid virus. So, some of the back half of the season may be delayed. That may actually be good news for the show which is often very topical with its storylines.

The trailer is great fun. Worth a watch, even if you’re not familiar with the show.

It’s a big year for Mario. The plumber from Queens celebrates his 35th year of fighting adorable monsters this year. To celebrate, Nintendo reportedly has plans to re-release updated versions of most of the Mario back catalogue of games.

Expect details of this, the Super Mario theme park, and an animated movie at E3 in June. Presuming there will be an E3…

Let’s-a go!

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super mario galaxy

With efforts to downplay the stupid virus in the early months of the year, there are reportedly concerns within Fox News that it may have opened itself up to a lawsuit.

Gabe Sherman:

I've heard Trish Regan's being taken off the air is, you know, reflective of this concern that Fox News is in big trouble by downplaying this virus and The New York Times reported days ago that the Murdoch family was privately taking the coronavirus seriously. The Murdochs, of course, own Fox News. So, they were taken personal steps to protect themselves while anchors like Trish Regan and Sean Hannity were telling viewers that it's a hoax and putting themselves in potentially mortal danger. So I think this is a case where Fox's coverage, if it actually winds up being proved that people died because of it, this is a new terrain in terms of Fox being possibly held liable for their actions.

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Of all the celebrity home video shows to come our of the COVID-19 lockdown, the most charming has been TV’s Jack Ryan hosting a ‘good news’ chat show. The highlight is Krasinski interviewing former The Office co-star Steve Carrel.

Dean Devlin is a producer and writer. You may have seen his show Leverage or The Librarians. He’s best known for writing a little film called Independence Day.

He’s just launched a new show called Almost Paradise which is doing something a bit different. It’s a US series that is filmed and set in the Philippines

We are trying to show that the filmmaking community in the Philippines has evolved so much in the last 12–15 years, beyond what anyone really knows. This is the first international television scripted series ever done in the Philippines. I think this is really an opportunity to show what amazing talent they have both in front of and behind the camera.

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Wings actor David Schramm has died at the age of 73. A cause of death has not been revealed. Beyond Wings, Schramm was a regular guest actor on TV throughout the 80s, but most of his acting work was on the stage.

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David Schramm in a promotional photo for the long-running NBC sitcom “Wings.” He played the irascible owner of a small airline.

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